How to Choose a Flattering Summer Plus Size Wedding Dress

By on May 10, 2011
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Summer is not just for beach bumming and relaxation. Some couples find this as the perfect time for getting married and creating a memorable getaway as newlyweds. A summer wedding is a brave concept for couples who want to get married under the scorching heat and often, beach weddings are the common themes.

Luxe Lace Wedding Dress

Luxe Lace Wedding Dress by Kiyonna

Being a plus size bride getting married in the summer can make finding the perfect dress a little bit more difficult than usual, as summer usually calls for showing mores skin, and not all women are comfortable doing that. Finding the perfect plus size dress ideal for the wedding summer is not impossible to do however! The plus size bride will simply need to keep in mind that in her dress she needs to feel cool, comfortable and most of all confident showing off their wonderful curves.

Choose Softer, Lighter Fabrics

Finding a flattering plus size dress for a summer wedding will require more attention to the details and the fabric used for the wedding dress. Unlike the traditional wedding ceremonies, dresses for a summer wedding call for softer and lighter fabrics. Lace, satin and chiffon are great choices for example. Kiyonna’s Celine Chiffon wedding dress, as well as the Luxe Lace dress, for example would both make perfect and affordable choices for a summer wedding.

Choosing the right style to emphasize the bride’s curves and show off her best assets is necessary to complete the summer wedding look. A sweetheart neckline is ideal for plus size brides with small to average bust sizes to exude a balanced figure since this low cut neckline creates a bodice that resembles the shape of the top of a heart.

Celine Chiffon Wedding Dress

Celine Chiffon Wedding Dress by Kiyonna

Add A Touch Of Color

White summer dresses are popular choices for summer weddings, but a white wedding dress will not always be flattering to a plus size woman’s figure. Adding several colors can make plain white dresses look livelier and at the same time, add more details that will flatter the bride’s curvy figure. Whether the dress is layered with another light fabric of a different color or whether a colored thread piping is used, it is very important to use the additional colors to help conceal figure concerns. By adding more colors, the bride can make use of darker colors without ruining the summer theme out, but merely accentuating her great figure.

Consider Fun Prints!

Brides can also opt for printed wedding dresses to keep up with the summer theme. Printed dresses with up to four varying colors that perfectly match the skin and hair tone are great choices. It is also important to keep in mind that choosing prints with similar colors or complementing colors is better than mixing bright colors.

Go On! Show Off Some Skin

Plus size brides can also show some skin by wearing off-shoulder and knee-length dresses. Off-shoulder dresses with ruffles or chiffon sleeves depict a very fresh-looking bride. Select bold and solid colors and use wide, stylish belts to flatter the waist. Maxi and sheath dresses are great options for an evening summer wedding since these styles are often made from delicate fabrics and can be accessorized with cardigans and necklaces.

Raquel Ruched Wedding Dress

Raquel Ruched Wedding Dress by Kiyonna

Most Of All, Have Fun On Your Wedding Day!

Getting married in the summer is not a bad idea for plus size brides. In fact, it is a great opportunity to show off some skin and feel good about one’s size and astounding curves through a plus size wedding dress. Accessories can also help plus size brides to accentuate her best assets. Becoming a fresh and beautiful summer bride is easy as long as the style and fabric chosen can flatter a plus size woman’s figure.

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  1. Laura

    May 10, 2011 at 4:51 pm

    These are some really good tips on picking out a summer wedding dress. I’m loving the pictures featured in this article…beautiful dresses!

  2. dodoronpa

    May 27, 2011 at 5:29 pm

    I aggree that choosing a wedding dress had to be in accordance with the season.

  3. Wedding Lingerie

    June 12, 2011 at 9:17 am

    Great Post!!
    Its a nice idea to keep yourself cool throughout this summer and pick a best dress for wedding…
    Thanks for sharing!!!

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