New Floral Spring Styles from Kiyonna

Around these time many plus size clothing store, both online and in stores, are adding various new items to tempt us part of their Spring and Summer collections. I am having a real blast shopping around online and looking at these lovely fresh Spring items; I have to resist the urge to shop, shop, shop! But that’s a whole other store ;)

One particular store which has added a lot of new styles in the past couple of weeks is Kiyonna, and they have in fact added a number of gorgeous new floral styles.

Floral prints are a huge trend this Spring and Summer season, and Kiyonna’s offerings definitely make great choices for you to hop on this trends. Their new floral items are:

Saturday Front Tie Bellini by Kiyonna1. The Saturday Front Tie Bellini: A lovely and versatile cardi/bellini. I own one of these in grey and I love it. I usually wear it over jeans and jeggings, though you can also wear this over a skirt or leggings.

Siren Satin Dress in Floral by Kiyonna2. The Siren Satin Dress: Truly a gorgeous piece, it is no surprise this dress one of Kiyonna’s best selling items. Available in black, and a damask print, this is not available in a gorgeous vintage-inspired floral print.

Samantha Cinch Dress in Floral by Kiyonna3. The Samantha Cinch Dress: Kiyonna’s Cinch Dress silhouette is not a new one, as this dress had already been available in a selection of solid colors; though this is such a popular and flattering piece it is now also available in a fun and fresh floral print.

Which one is your favorite!? I am really tempted to get the Saturday Front Tie bellini – not sure I can do an overall floral print, so the bellini would be the perfect options to stay on trend without going all over with the florals. What do you think? On Ployvore

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