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My First Ever Anna Scholz Dress: A Review

Anna Scholz Dress ReviewEvery plus size fashionista out there knows who Anna Scholz is: one of the best plus size designers out there. I’ve been following Anna Scholz for a long while now, and have always loved her fashion forward designs. I love her collections in particular because they are never short of one thing: color. Through her wonderful styles it is evident that Anna absolutely loves colors and experimenting with different prints, materials and silhouettes.

Well, although I have been following Anna’s work for a while, I had never actually taken the plunge and bought one of her pieces, even though I’ve always longed to. The major hurdle was the price point I have to admit; Anna’s pieces do not come cheap (although now, I know why!). However recently Anna Scholz ran a massive sale, which you can still access right now through Anna’s Sales pages, so it was the perfect time to grab a dress I had been eying for a loooooong time: the Print Jersey Gathered Dress.

So a few weeks back, on a Friday afternoon, I hit the order button on this super lovely, extremely sassy (extremely moi!) dress. I managed to grab it at $87.87, from an original $219.67. Since Anna Scholz ships from the UK, I was very happy to find that just on the following Tuesday an lovely package was waiting for me at home.

Anna Scholz Dress Review

I couldn’t wait; I had to try this baby on! I was in particular curious to see if I got the size right. Every designer has their individual size chart, so if you buy size X from designer A, does not mean your size from designer B is necessarily also called X, it might actually be size Y. So I was hoping I got my Anna Scholz dress size right. To give you an idea, I usually buy an IGIGI size 12, though consulting Anna’s size chart I had to be 14 (or DE 44). So that was one calculation I was hoping I got right.

Anna Scholz Dress Review

So upon opening the package I just adored the cute golden heart sticker which said ‘Love from AnnaScholz‘. Simple touches like this are what I think differ one online shopping experience from the next. Very nice touch!

Unfolding the wrapping revealed a dress with beautifully vibrant colors. Upon inspecting the dress the next thing that hit me, and which I was slightly disappointed about, was the fact that this dress was not lined. Especially for the price, I thought the dress would be lined, though this was not such a huge issue.

Anna Scholz Dress Review

So I rushed off to try on the dress, and well what can I say? Once I tried it on I absolutely loved it, and decided there and then this was definitely NOT going to be my last Anna Scholz purchase.

Anna Scholz Dress Review

There are 3, no actually 4, key elements which make me love this dress:

  1. Side Ruching: The ruching and gathering at the side is extremely flattering; it creates an asymmetrical hem and truly makes your rear end look, well, great! The fact the everything gathers at the side works very well for hiding any tummy flaws too.
  2. V Neck: A V neckline is a sexy and flattering cut, one which I love. I think in general V necklines create a slimming effect, as opposed to something like a round neck.
  3. Sequin Shoulders: The teal sequin shoulder detail completes this dress, adds a touch of sparkle and takes this dress on a ‘glam’ level without overdoing it. Just the right amount of glam.
  4. The Colors: What can I say? If you read the Plus Size Clothing Scoop often you know that I love colors, and these vibrant colors are just the perfect combination.

Anna Scholz Dress Review

Luckily I already own a pair of pink shoes from Evans, which I bought quite a while back actually, and they match perfectly. I also found some teal, sparkly, dangling earrings which I think match the dress and sequin detail well – they blend quite nicely. What do you think?

Anna Scholz Dress Review

I already have some special occasions coming up in the next months where I plan on wearing my brand new Anna Scholz dress, and in all honesty I simply cannot wait! This definitely makes the list of ‘my favorite dresses ever’, and am overall very glad I purchased it.

Anna Scholz Dress Review

Thanks Anna Scholz for creating such a beautiful dress. On Ployvore

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  1. Mode Plus says:

    Her clothes have amazing fit, don’t they? I got myself a summer coat and I’m dying to wear it already. This stupid winter weather, ugh! I love the colors and the fabric hugs your curves just right. Those shoes fit perfectly, what a catch!

  2. Anna Scholz says:

    Thank you for the lovely write up , glad you love the dress and packaging.
    Just to let you know that we decided against lining this dress as it would add uneccessary bulk and would make the gathering look different. I hope you enjoy it.
    All the best Anna x

  3. Sarah says:

    Hi Anna – thanks for commenting :) ) Yes I see what you mean re the lining!
    I absolutely LOVE the dress – many thanks xx

  4. enrica says:

    I can’t believe it!!! I purchased the same dress on sale! I was a little nervous about it, since it is my first purchase from Anna Scholtz too, but now I’m so happy I did it! Me and you, we have the same fashion tastes, as I’ve already told you! Love, Enrica , Italy

  5. enrica says:

    p.s. : I wanted so much to purchase one of Anna’s gorgeous cachemire-silk or cachemire-cotton dresses or cardigans; unfortunately, they’re sold out in my size, grrrr! I’ll wait for the winter collection, plus size girls are in desperate need of high quality knitwear and coats. thank you Sarah for make me discover this great brand I absolutely love. Enrica <3

  6. enrica says:

    ok, very last comment of today, I swear! I was so happy with your review that I purchased another Anna’s gorgeous dress: the Print Jersey Pleat Maxi Dress. It is really fabulous! thanks again to Sarah and Anna! E.

  7. Sarah says:

    Hi Enrica – wooooow that is one gorgeous looking dress! Hadn’t noticed that one before…. looks like it would be very flattering. Do let me know how it goes when you receive it :) )

  8. enrica says:

    sure I will! many kisses, e.

  9. Veronica says:

    Hello Sarah, WOOOOOOW I love this dress, it is FANTASTIC!!! I must admit I had never heard of Anna Scholz before, but after viewing this lovely dress I will be looking for her from now on. I have seen some beautiful dresses from IGIGI, have never ordered from her either because as you said the size difference, I didn’t want to order and then have to return or exchange it. Looooove the shoes girl, you’re ready for that special evening.

  10. Erica says:

    Love the dress! You look amazing and Anna Scholz is such an amazing designer! Congrats on the stylish find.

  11. Sarah says:

    Thanks ladies! Glad you liked the style :)

  12. Michelle Wood says:

    We at love Anna Scholz!! We carry a large selection of her designs each season and to top it off we can order any of her designs that we don’t carry to save you the hassle of customs.

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