Tunics: Versatility and Pizzazz

by Susan M Keenan

Plus Size Tunic from Yours ClothingTunics add a great deal of versatility to any wardrobe, especially since they can be worn with skirts or slacks. Like most clothing that has been designed with women in mind, tunics are available in just about every imaginable color, fabric, or style.

Tunics have been part of the fashion world for women for at least half a century and with good reason. Offering more versatility than most garments and a great deal of pizzazz, tunics can be worn by females of any age, any body shape, and any background. The tunic is here to stay, simply because it is adorable and versatile. Tossing a tunic on can add a great deal of pizzazz to any outfit.

The tunic is a chic piece of fashion that comes in every color, pattern, fabric, style, and size imaginable. How a woman wears it is up to her. Tunics can be worn over slacks, mini skirts, long skirts, or capris. They can even be worn as a dress, provided the females wearing them have the legs or body shape to pull it off. In general, a tunic that is being worn as a dress looks better on a slim figure.

How Should Tunics Be Worn?

Even though tunics can be worn with almost any piece of clothing from the waist down, it is important to piece the outfit together carefully. As anyone looks from the top of the tunic down to the waist and finally to the feet, the transition should be seamless and pleasant without any sharp surprises. Since tunics are often slightly bulky in appearance, flowing loosely around the trunk of the body, anything worn from the waist down should hug the legs and hips for a cleaner look.

Selecting the proper size and fit is another important consideration when adding tunics into your wardrobe. This is especially true when selecting tunics with a slimming style. If the tunic is too small, extra bulges will appear out of no where. On the other hand, if you select a tunic that is too large, you will add pounds to your figure that don’t actually exist.

What Do Tunics Silently Portray?

While tunics shouldn’t be worn to define a woman, they can certainly be worn to express a bit of her personality. In fact, the wearing of a tunic can show how she is feeling at the moment. For example, a woman who is feeling coy can put on a tunic with a plunging neckline to draw attention to some of her feminine features.

A woman who wishes to appear seductive can don a cute boat-neck tunic that hangs over her shoulders revealing bare skin in a seductive portrayal that is suggestive yet attractive. For a bit of a flirtatious stance, flirty ruffles or cute ties can add the perfect touch to any outfit.

Tunics can also be worn as part of stylish outfits that are simply attractive without offering any message. They can also be worn to enhance one body feature over another in order to change a woman’s appearance to one that she feels more comfortable with.

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