Accessories Plus a Black Dress Equals a Perfect Outfit for Every Occasion

by Gail Gill

All you need is a black dress and the right accessories to look fabulous no matter where you go. A black dress is so versatile. Choose your dress carefully. Your dress should be plain black with no adornment or lace. Avoid clingy material and buy a dress made from a material that is suitable to team with cardigans, shawls, scarfs, and jackets. Once you have chosen the perfect dress, you are ready to choose the right accessories to transform the look of your dress to suit every occasion.

Kiyonna Legacy Wrap DressDress for a Casual Summer Outing

In warm weather, team your black dress with flat shoes or low-heeled sandals. If your skin-tone is pale, invest in a spray on tan to complement your summer look. Show off beautifully cared for feet with pretty nail polish.

Carry a large casual style bag. Match the color of your bag to the color of your sandals or choose a straw bag and a matching straw wide brim hat. Wear your hair in a casual style such as a ponytail. Do not forget to wear sunglasses. Sunglasses provide a wonderful summer look and give you extra protection against the sun’s ultra violet rays.

Complete your look by wearing either a large and brightly patterned watch, or one or two wide bangles. Choose bangles to match the color of your footwear, or choose gold or silver bangles to match your jewellery.

Dress for a Casual Winter Outing

In cold weather, team your black dress with a pair of high boots. Your skirt hem should just touch the top of your boots.

Choose a knitted black cardigan to wear with your winter dress. Add a splash of color by wearing a patterned scarf. A faux animal-skin bag and matching scarf look wonderful in the winter. Alternatively, carry a large leather bag and tie a scarf around the handle to add color to your outfit.

Dress for a Day at the Office

Wear medium-heeled or low-heeled pumps with your black dress. For variety, wear shoes that match the color of your hair or handbag instead of wearing black shoes. Wear a pair of sheer or natural colored stockings to the office.

On cooler days, a tailored black jacket will transform your black dress into a smart business suit. Wear a silk scarf to soften your conservative look and add a touch of color.

Choose simple jewellery to wear at the office. Studs or small drop earrings will complement your black dress. Choose either gold or silver jewellery and do not mix and match the two colors. Gemstone or pearl earrings are suitable for the office as well as for occasions that are more formal. Wear a watch with an easy to read face and a leather or metal band.

IGIGI Francesca Dress in BlackDress for a Special Event

Your choice of shoes will set the scene for a transformation from office to party mode. If you like to wear high heels now is the perfect time. For special occasions, open-toed shoes are suitable in summer and in winter. Black shoes always look smart and attractive. For a slightly different look try pewter, silver or gold toned shoes.

Carry a metallic or black clutch bag to create a feminine look. Be sure that the clasp of your clutch bag matches the color of your jewellery. For example, wear silver jewellery if your bag clasp is silver. You can wear a delicate or diamond studded watchband for special occasions.

In the summer, wear large and shiny earrings or a large intricate patterned pendant or necklace. A fringed shawl or an iridescent scarf completes a winter outfit.

Accessories will easily alter the appearance of your black dress. Once you have purchased your accessories you will always have a fabulous outfit suitable for every occasion. In summer and in winter, wherever you go, you will look stunning. On Ployvore

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    It’s one of the most versatile pieces and one is not enough. LOL

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    I think of accessories as the fashion glue that bring an outfit together. There needs to be more on the LBD and like Moe said one is not enough!

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