How to Select Plus Size Special Occasion Dresses

By on September 8, 2010
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By Stacy Montgomery of Sealed with a Kiss Designs

Selena Dress

Dress by SWAK Designs

Today in US, almost 65% of women wear a size larger than 12. It sometimes becomes irritating to find out that you can not find anything to wear on a special occasion when you go to shopping on those local garment stores. You want something which fits you exactly for those limited events. And even if you indeed find that special dress for your intended purpose, the real problem comes when you can’t find your size. All the present sizes seem to be smaller than what will fit you right.

A solution to this problem is online shopping of plus size dresses. You might have till now bought and sent gifts and similar stuff. But what about formal and special occasion dresses? Good news is that they can be now easily ordered as well. Plus you get the ease of selecting the designs and colors at the click of your mouse.

Before you begin your online hunt, keep in mind the following points:

  1. You should know a bit about the fabric quality and texture. Any good site should offer information about the fabric used to manufacture the special dress. These plus size special occasion dresses are generally made of synthetic fabrics these days. This is due to the fact that they are cheap and wrinkle-free. You can visit your local stores and gain some expertise regarding the fabrics.
  2. Find out more about your figure and body shape. You can see the local stores to get your entire measurements done. See if the available dresses are too revealing or too exposing. They may too dowdy or sloppy in nature. Check out all the available variety locally.
  3. Recount all your previous shopping experiences. They will help you in shopping brightly this time.
  4. You can buy a tape measure and do all the required measurements yourself. This is indeed a great tool to get all the things done. Measure all over the undergarments, chest, hips and waist. The tape should not be held too tightly. Hold it firmly and carefully note down the numbers in inches.
  5. Once you have all the data, browse the net with a calm mind. Go through the available designs and see which one is good for you. However it may be possible that different sellers have different sizing standards. Make sure that you see everything in inches as this is what in which you originally measured yourself.
  6. Also remember to select a size that agrees with your widest body part in case you body is not fully proportionate. These plus size special occasion dresses should be easy to take off and on.

I recommend the Selena Plus Size Dress (pictured) for all your needs. It has a sleek and designer criss-cross neckline. The material of this top is quite soft and bottom will fully hug your curves. You can also dress according to your wish, either upwards or downwards.

These plus size dresses are always to be bought with full care to get the best deals.

Stacy Montgomery, Sales VP with Sealed with a Kiss Designs, a leader in trendy, affordable plus size fashions, has built her career around her passion, embracing her own unique beauty, and her plus-size figure. Check out the plus size special occasion dresses they have to offer!

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