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Devon from FatNurse.comLately I’ve been following a number of new blogs, adding loads of feed to my reader, most of which are blogs of curvy fashionistas from all over the world. These girls talk about their love for fashion, and post pictures of outfits they wear, and things they try on. These fatshionistas have truly been so inspiring to me lately! They ooze confidence and just remind me that no one should let their size get in the way of what they want to wear. I wanted you to be as inspired as I am, so I am going to share with you my favorite fatshionista blogs in this series Favorite Fatshionistas!

One particular blog I have been following for a long while now, and which is one of my favorites, is Devon’s blog called Fat Nurse. I love how Devon experiments with different styles, and is so confident with herself. She knows what she likes, and she is not afraid to wear it. She experiments with colors, styles, and fabrics… she is definitely one of my Favorite Fatshionistas!

Read on to discover more about Devon…

Tell us a bit about yourself: where are you from and what do you do?

My name is Devon, I’m 19 and I’m a student mental health nurse (aka Psychiatric nurse.) I’m coming up to the end of my first year. I live in the county of Essex in England and I’ve always lived there.

How did you get into the fatshion blogging, and what is your main inspiration?

Natalie of posted a very inspirational list of “why you should love yourself” and I was inspired. I started looking at other fatshion blogs, fatshion communities and just fell in love with the amount of ladies who were fat AND beautiful. Fashion is not just for the thinner amongst us – it should be for everyone!

My inspiration is mainly along the lines of “no matter what size you are, be it a size 0 or size 40, you have the right to look fabulous and not be criticised for it.” My mother is clinically anorexic (and is currently in treatment and recovery, she’s doing well,) I’m morbidly obese, we both deserve to look our best regardless of weight or size.

What are your 3 most favorite plus size stores/designers, and why?

Asos’ Curve range is my big favourite. Readers of my blog will know that! I have followed them since the beginning of the Curve range and I just fell in love. Asos’ main range is known for fashionable and daring pieces and they’ve started bringing that over to their Curve line and I absolutely LOVE how they’re not afraid to show some colour, skin and daring designs!

Secondly, Evans. Evans is a huge plus size retailer in the UK and is usually the first people think of when you say plus sized clothing. Their items are good quality and reasonably priced, I’d buy more if they were cheaper but you definitely get what you pay for. A big thing for me is quality and comfort – Evans delivers well on both of these fronts. They are  considerably less daring than Asos and their Curve range BUT when they work with designers such as Beth Ditto (who is working with them AGAIN in a few months) they can produce some AMAZING stuff.

Third.. Hmm. A toughie. I’d have to say Simply Be. Again, another UK retailer who focus on quality and fit, their prices are similar to Evans. They do offer quite the variety in their ranges and lately they’ve started being more “out there” with prints and cuts, they’re definitely getting better and I have a close eye on them!

Pick 3 of your most favorite OOTDs – why are they your favorite?

Oh my goodness. Okay, here are my three;

Devon from

The green dress in this post; The dress is from Simply Be. I have fairly small breasts for a fat girl so the wrapping of my breasts makes them stand out more. It makes them look fantastic! I love the cut and green is my FAVOURITE COLOUR EVER!

Devon from

The green dress in THIS post; Another green one, I know, but I love how strapless dresses look on me. This is from Asos’ Curve range and I love the ruched mesh and waterfall effect. LOVE it.

Devon from

And the blue dress in this post; This is from New Look’s Inspire range. I love the colour, I love the fit and I love that this dress has print on it. Overall it’s just a cute dress. The leggings I’m wearing with it are from Asos Curve and they’re lace panel :D

What does being plus size mean to you?

Being plus size, or “FAT,” means just that – I am fat. I have a large proportion of fat on my body in comparison to the “average” woman or man. Fat is an adjective, plus size is an extension of that adjective. Some people are skinny, some are short, some tall, some of us are buxom, some of us are petite, some of us are fat.. So what? They’re all words that DESCRIBE how a person LOOKS. Being fat is being me, and there’s not much that’s going to change that.

I believe that just because some of us are “plus size” that doesn’t mean we should be ostracized. Also, all of this “real woman” crap? STOP IT. All women are real women. Just because we’re fat we DO NOT have the right to declare who isn’t a “real woman.” We deserve to be treated as all other women are treated – regardless, we are all the same at heart.

Do you prefer chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry? :)

Well it depends. Chocolate ice cream, the smell of vanilla and I love actual strawberries :P So there you go xx

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