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Plus Size Skinny JeansGuest post by Jason Phillips

Fashion statements come and go every few weeks. One of the most impressive things about fashion is its ability to go on changing through the years. However, one kind of clothing has managed to stand the test of time. Jeans! They have come through the years to be worn by almost everyone through their life. And these jeans have taken on a number of new shapes, styles, designs and looks that remain evergreen even today. From the curved fit around the hips for women, to the loose, casual look for men, jeans have their own charm which no other pair of lowers has been able to compete with so far.

In this health cautious industry today, while the health supplement and gymnasium sector may be blooming, the fashion industry has also carved out its molds to be a part of this profit statement. This has given rise to skinny jeans. The sexy, smart, vibrant and elegant look that every woman wants to have is not available off the rack. Skinny jeans are the perfect dress option irrespective of the occasion. A good top, some attractive accessorize and a lot of confidence is all one needs to carry off this fashion statement.

One of the best most impressive things about skinny jeans is that they leave a large window open for creativity. Fashion is nothing but combining what’s new, with what one might think of themselves. So if you are wearing skinny jeans, you will see that you will have the option of being able to give your own taste, and idea to the fashion icon you want to be. Following rules and instructions completely is not iconic, neither is it fashionable. Since skinny jeans can be worn with a wide variety of shoes, scarfs, belts, accessories and bags, they leave the creativity to the wearer. So experiment with your skinny jeans to see what suits you best and make your own fashion statement.

Formal Occasions

Since skinny jeans match with almost anything, when you are looking to dress to impress, make sure you couple them with a fitted button up shirt. A subtle light color can let you pass off for a formal occasion and to perk up the outfit a little most, a trendy waist coat can be the perfect finish. Whether you are meeting clients over coffee or dinner, your skinny jeans can be your best friend. Slip on a pair of stilettoes with these jeans to give your height the edge as well. This will give you the overall look of a leader and a role model, which can be the perfect setting. However just be sure to keep the color of your jeans in mind. Since you are dressing up for a formal setting, keep the colors restricted to black or dark grey. Look sophisticated, attractive and confident in this attire.

Casual Occasion

When you think of using your skinny jeans for an outing with friends and family, you can let your creative juices flowing. Aside from trying to mix and match the top and accessories you can wear, you can even go wild with the vibrant colors now available in skinny jeans. These colors vary between bright, eye-catching orange, all the way down to dark, grape purple. Look through your choices and couple them with shoes of the same color to give your style a hike. Crop tops, tank tops, spaghetti tops and t-shirts, all go well with skinny jeans. Finish off the look with a trendy scarf, some chunky accessories and a small bag.
Jeans may have been a style statement for a very long time but skinny jeans have entered the market and taken over completely. For making the silhouette of long legged women smother and more slender, skinny jeans is the perfect alternative. And for women who are short, skinny jeans highlight their legs while showcasing the curves on their body to give them better shape and look. Skinny jeans are perfect for every occasion.

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