Violet Print Plus Size Wrap Dress Review

A while back the lovely people at SWAK Designs sent over some goodies to me, and over the coming days and week I will be reviewing these, to show you what you can expect out of SWAK Designs clothing. Today we’re taking a look at Violet Print Plus Size Wrap Dress, a dress added to their collection towards the end of last year. You can have a look at me wearing the dress by watching the video below. A comprehensive overview, and some more pics also follow after the video!

I love a lot of things about this dress, the style, the colors and the shimmery fabric, which give it a very glam look. you can dress this item down by matching it up with some boots and a cardigan, but I would rather prefer dressing it up with some funky accessories and either black or pink high heel pumps The faux wrap style is cute, although it might cause a bit of over exposure for ladies with a bigger bust.

The dress comes with a detachable belt. I am not much of a belt person, so I would opt not to wear it, especially because the fabric is really silky and the belt tends to slide up and down no matter which way to place it. Having said that I’m sure it would be easy to fasten the belt so that it won’t move to much. The fabric of the dress is very lightweight, so this piece will take you definitely into the warmer months. All in all I love this dress! It’s currently available at $54 and in sizes 1X to 6X.

Here are some more pictures of it, as well as some suggestions…

SWAK Designs - Violet Print Wrap Plus Size Dress

Weating the Violet Print Wrap Plus Size Dress

Accessories Suggestion 1 - Violet Print Wrap Plus Size Dress

Accessories Suggestion 2 - Violet Print Wrap Plus Size Dress On Ployvore

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  1. Moe says:

    Very pretty but I think it needs a bodice pin. I just saw a pearl one in a magazine that would be perfect. I’ll have to go back and see who makes them.

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