Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Being Plus Size

1. Being able to create first and foremost. This website is like my baby and I love helping other plus size women find fashionable clothing in their size.

2. Chocolate! Although I am quite health conscious and I do strive to eat well and exercise (when I have time!), not being on a strict regime to keep me a certain weight lets me enjoy very yummy things. Including chocolate, my one true passion. Hehehe…

3. Being able to wear beautiful clothes from top designers in the industry like IGIGI, Missphit and Monif C.

4. Being plus size, and active online, has throughout the years made me get to know some pretty great people including the staff at IGIGI, Missphit, Sydney’s Closet, Chenese Lewis, Anna Nicole and her lovely mother Dorez at Jahqoi… and so many other like minded bloggers like Glen and Mopie.

5. I love being the person who breaks the mood when a group of girlfriends start talking about diets and losing weight. Being the ‘different’ voice, and challenging the thin stereotype often surprises people, and that gets them thinking. That, to me, is awesome.

This post is part of the meme/contest by Problogger: Top 5 Group Writing Project. Keep on reading in the next few days for a roundup of my favorite posts taking part in this ‘contest’.

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