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Best Fashion Accessories For Your DressGuest post.

I am a big fan of the little black dress.  A classic black dress will never go out of fashion and can always be relied on to come to your need in a style crisis.

I have a few essential little dresses in my wardrobe including a short sexy backless dress I wear on nights out and also a longer, tailored black dress for more formal occasions.  I do tend to save my black dresses for evening occasions. Black can be a bit severe for day wear and dark grey or navy can be a better choice.

Little Important Accessories

I have found some great ways to accessories my dresses and change their looks to suit many different evening occasions.  Here are just a few accessory tips that you might find helpful when putting together your outfits.

1. Make a Bold Statement with Red Accessories

Red and black pack a powerful punch.  You can make a really bold statement by jazzing up your little black dress with some red accessories.  I like to match my short black dress with red nail polish and lipstick, a red belt and red killer heels. I have a great black clutch bag with red and gold detail and I match this against some classy gold jewellery (simple bangles, necklace and earrings).  This is my power dress outfit for work dates and evening events.

2. Keep Jewellery Simple

I take a lesson from Marilyn Monroe here and keep my jewellery simple with my little black dress.  This doesn’t mean you can’t wear luxurious pieces just that you need to keep them in proportion.

  • If you are wearing big dangly earrings then keep your necklace very plain and avoid bangles, fancy hair clips and so on.
  • Alternatively if you are wearing an impressive necklace or choker then keep your earrings to simple small diamond or gold studs.
  • If you love bangles then decorate your wrists liberally but leave your neck and ears free from jewellery.
  • Hair accessories are fun but they should be avoided if you are already wearing bold colours or lots of jewellery as this can create a ‘fussy’ look.
  • If you want to wear bright hair accessories then keep your other jewellery and accessories to a minimum.
  • Less is more when it comes to jewellery so choose a signature piece and let it shine alone without any competition from other pieces.

3. Stay Clear of Black Accessories

Black is an overpowering colour on its own so try so avoid similar colour accessories with your black outfits.  I find that black nail polish, heels, clutch bag and so on can create a heavy, blocky look.  Black outfits work best when other colours are introduced and allowed to make a statement.  If you don’t like bright colours then nude and sheer tones can work very well with black.

4.  Play Dress Up

The little black dress has existed throughout many different eras of style.  You can play dress up and create an iconic style from another age for a fun twist on your image.  I often team my short backless dress with sexy pin curls, Hollywood starlet makeup and kitten heels for a sensual 1950’s sex bomb look.

I am also a big fan of 1980’s style and match my little black dress with block red accessories, big hair and pouty lips for an ‘in-your-face’ 80’s power dressing look. I am a huge fan of fashion accessories and the versatility they offer you when creating outfits.

I don’t have a lot of money to splash out on fashion but with accessories I can make the clothes I have really work hard. There are some great accessories out there for your little black dress and this can be a great way to get the perfect style for almost every occasion. On Ployvore

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