Flying in Comfort: How to Dress on a Long Flight

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Although travel to somewhere far away and exotic is very exciting, it can be difficult to sit through a long haul flight where you might be in transit for 8-16 hours. You become tired and listless, your body gets sore and you are usually bored out of your mind. If you are wearing uncomfortable clothing it can make the experience even worse because you will not be able to sleep or sit back and relax.

What To Wear For A Long Flight

However, you don’t want to travel in your sweatpants and t-shirt or pyjamas. You are more likely to receive better treatment on the flight if you are dressed somewhat professionally while you are travelling and in some cultures wearing sweatpants in public is embarrassing and inappropriate. To ensure that you don’t get strange looks when you arrive at your destination, it is important to find a balance between being comfortable and looking put together.

Here are some tips that will help you figure out what to wear on a long flight:

Wear Layers

Airplanes are notorious for having fluctuating temperatures and always being too cold or too hot. You can counteract this by dressing “like an onion” which means that you are wearing several thin layers which can be removed or added throughout the flight. This could be a sleeveless top with a button down shirt overtop, followed by a cardigan or a sweater and then a jacket. If you are too warm you can take off a couple of layers, but if you get chilly you can put them back on.

A great accessory for long haul flights is a pashmina, because it is stylish but it can be used as a blanket around your shoulders when you want to sleep.

Choose the Right Underwear

The underwear that you choose for your long haul flight is one of the most important parts of your outfit. Since you will be sitting down for several hours, you will not want to wear anything which rides up or chafes your skin. Wear underwear which will stay in place, because you will not want to be squirming in your seat trying to adjust it while the stranger next to you looks at you with confusion.

Thongs are not a good idea for a long flight, because they are irritating to wear for a long time when sitting down. Instead, choose styles such as boy leg cut or full brief underwear which gives you maximum coverage. Make sure that you choose underwear in comfortable and breathable fabric such as cotton rather than lace which can feel scratchy.

Give Yourself Some Stretch

A long flight is not the time to wear your super-tight skinny jeans which you can barely bend in. You will be sitting down for many hours, walking through the aisles and squeezing past people in the other seats so you want to wear something built for movement and comfort. However, this does not mean that you should wear sweat pants or pyjama bottoms. You can dress for comfort while still looking stylish and respectable by wearing a pair of black dress slacks with a bit of Lycra in them. They are slightly stretchy and very comfortable but with a pretty sweater or blouse they will look stylish and polished even after many hours on the plane.

Basic Black

A great travel outfit is a pair of black leggings or stretchy dress trousers, a black long sleeve shirt, a soft and comfortable cardigan and then a pashmina or scarf as an accessory. Black clothing goes with everything and with the addition of a simple scarf in a pretty colour you can dress up the outfit and add interest. Black is also advantageous when travelling because hides any stains.

Keep these tips in mind for your next long flight and you will have a comfortable trip and arrive in your destination looking stylish and chic!

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