How to Throw a Roaring 20s Party

Plus Size Jazz Black Flapper DressGuest post by Tonja Thompson

The 1920s was an era that brought economic prosperity, new technology, and a change in culture; jazz music, bootlegged liquor, speakeasies, and dancing ruled the decade. The 20s also brought about a new kind of woman: the flapper. Flappers were a big change from what women were thought of in that time period; they wore makeup, drank alcohol, danced and smoked, and listened to jazz. All in all, very scandalous for the 1920s! Looking for a fun theme party idea? Channel your inner flapper by hosting a roaring 20s party. Here are some ideas that will help you through a prohibition-era bash to remember!


Send out invitations with a 1920s vibe by choosing designs with an art deco theme, pearls and bow ties, and so on. Encourage guests to dress up in costumes and include an example so people know what they are supposed to wear.

  • Men should wear pinstripes, vests, a black button-up shirt with a white tie, wingtip shoes, part their hair in the middle and slick it down with hair gel.
  • Women should take their inspiration from the flapper style. Think fringe, feather boas, long beaded necklaces, red lipstick, and a bob style haircut. If you have longer hair, you can easily pin it up to look shorter.
  • Flapper dresses are a classic staple of the time period – and the fit of the dress remains flattering to all body types today. Flapper dresses can be found at thrift store and costume shops, and come in all sizes, from standard to plus-size. The dresses are flowing and loose, with fringe and sequins, which all are there to flatter the curves.

If you have ever seen the TV series Boardwalk Empire, you’ll know how to dress!


Decorate your party space to resemble a speakeasy nightclub. It’s a lot easier than you think!

  • Start by playing a little jazz music by Duke Ellington or Ella Fitzgerald. Next, put on some silent films featuring Charlie Chaplin or Clara Bow.
  • Drape lamps with colored scarves and dim the overall lighting to set the mood.
  • Place feather boas, beaded necklaces, gangster hats, fake cigars, and toy Tommy guns around the room and on table tops. Guests will have fun playing with them during the party!
  • Put oversized ostrich feathers and flowers into vases and use them as centerpieces on your tables.
  • Another fun idea is to purchase 20s theme party favors for guests to take home. Candy cigarettes, small flasks, and feather headbands are easy to find for a low price.

Ostrich Feather CenterTreats

Keep your guests from getting hungry with a delicious menu of 1920s inspired food. The easiest way to serve food is in a buffet.

  • There was a strong Italian cultural influence during this era, so pasta dishes are perfect.
  • Other popular foods include shrimp cocktail, mixed nuts, and cheese platters.
  • Keep with the speakeasy vibe by setting up a mini bar with 1920s cocktails like the “Gin Fizz”, “French 75”, “Mint Julep”, or the scandalous, “Between the Sheets.” Make it even more interesting by requesting a password in order to be served drinks, much like they would at a speakeasy.
  • Serve drinks in mason jars with no labels, or make your own “XXX” moonshine label for the jar.


The best part of the 1920s was the entertainment. Since prohibition was enforced, people set up nightclubs where bootlegged liquor and illegal gambling occurred. You can definitely use this as inspiration when you’re thinking of games for the party-goers.

  • Have card games and poker tables set up at your party so guests can try their luck.
  •  Set up a photo booth with a themed background so friends get a photo to remember the night. Make it even more fun by including your props!
  •  Lastly, teach everyone popular 20s dances like the Lindy Hop and the Charleston. Then have a dance contest! You’ll have everything you need to make your party the bee’s knees.

This article was put together by Tonja Thompson, who writes for After writing this post, she is more than inspired to buy a flapper costume and throw a Roaring Twenties party of her own.

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