Perfect Plus Size Swimwear: How to Style a Plus Size Bikini

April 29, 2011 · 1 comment

Our Perfect Plus Size Swimwear Week continues today where we meet Karen Grace from, who shares with use some essential tips on how full figured women can rock a plus size bikini. Yes that’s right… a plus size bikini! Many plus size ladies will probably have never even considered wearing a plus size bikini, but ladies read Karen’s tips below, and consider stepping out of your comfort zone this summer by wearing a stylish bikini.

How to Rock a Plus Size Bikini in 6 Simple Steps

So here are Karen’s tips to rocking a curvy bikini:

  1. First off make sure the bikini you choose is underwired, this will give you that all essential support, and uplifts the bust.
  2. Everyone knows that black is slimming, but if you want to truly rock a plus size bikini you don’t want to hide your curves, you want to embrace them… so do not be scared of going for fun patterns and colors.
  3. Wear a necklace with your bikini, and make sure this sites quite high above the neckline. This helps draw the eye upwards, and creates the illusion of lifting the bust. If you wear a long necklace, it will actulaly drag the eye down making the bust look droopy.
  4. If you have a waist, especially if you’re a woman with an hourglass figure, you should actually draw attention to your waist by using a double skinny belt, or several skinny belts. If you wear just one skinny belt, this will actually make you look bigger, so make sure you either use a double skinny belt, or pair up more than one skinny belt together. If you do not have a waist, then you can omit the belt.
  5. If you plan on rocking a plus size bikini, do not cover it up with a kaftan or a sarong! So go for something that is open on the front, something that will actually no cover up your bikini.
  6. Of course don’t forget to finish off your look with some fun flip flops, some cool sunglasses and a sun hat.

So those are some tips from Karen on how you can rock a plus size bikini! What do you feels about bikinis? Do you usually wear one, or would never even consider the ideas? I would love to hear your thoughts! I have to admit I feel more comfortable wearing a one-piece swimsuit, even though I do own the odd bikini and do wear them from time to time.

More Plus Size Swimwear Tips

If you have just hopped on the Perfect Plus Size Swimwear Week today, then check out out previous posts from earlier this week! We’ve looked at how to properly measure yourself to find out your swimsuit size and which styles to consider to either slim your tummy, support a fuller bust and minimize the hips, thighs and bum.

Check back in tomorrow, for more curvy swimwear goodness!

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kay wolter May 2, 2011 at 3:25 am

where does one find plus size bikini? hottub

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