3 Simple Ways to Dress Up Jeans

by Sophie S

Jeans are versatile and look great on just about any body type. They can be worn in a number of different ways, but they can also make you look frumpy and old before your time if you regularly wear them with slippers and an old cardigan you have had for years. What can you do to dress up a pair of jeans?

Avenue Rhonda Strappy Sandal (Wide Width)1. Don a Pair of Heels

It is amazing what a huge difference a simple pair of heels can make in dressing up a casual pair of jeans. Heels instantly help elongate the body, giving the appearance of longer legs and a sleeker silhouette, regardless of whether you are petite or tall.

If you do not feel comfortable wearing a flimsy pair of stilettos, choose a pair of ankle or knee-high boots with a chunkier heel that will still give you the advantage of height, but without making you wobble when you walk. Heels help to make you walk with more confidence, whether you are wearing a stylish evening dress or an old pair of jeans.

IGIGI Plus Size Calista Asymmetric Tunic2. Chose a Stylish Top

Stylish tops such as tunic tops and blouses can instantly enhance the appeal of a pair of jeans. If you will be wearing a tunic top, opt for high heels to help complete the look and wear a stylish blouse open at the front. Choose an inner layer that complements the whole outfit. For a dressier look, keep the blouse buttoned up. Choosing just the right top for your jeans can instantly transform your entire look.

3. Wear a Trench Coat

A trench coat is not only needed for rainy weather; it can also help transform a simple pair of jeans into a more eye-catching, flattering look. High heels also work well with a trench coat and jeans. Match your shoes with jeans and wear a more daring shade of trench coat for a stunning contrast of colors.

Jeans scream “casual”, but they can also be dressed up with just a few key adjustments. A pair of heels instantly transforms the look of jeans by elongating the body, so choose a pair of heels to give your jeans and overall outfit a lift. A stylish top is another simple way to dress up a pair of jeans by evening out your look and taking it to the next level. Wearing a trench coat is another simple way to dress up a casual pair of jeans.

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  1. LaNita says:

    You can also use thin chains, or a beautiful scarf.

  2. Jeans for Curvy Women says:

    It has to be the shoes and a bag every time!

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