7 Must Have Items for Your Wardrobe

Even though the fashion world is ever-changing, there are some basic clothing items that are essential for any wardrobe. Many people make the mistake of purchasing all colorful and intricate items while overlooking the fact that a basic piece can be versatile and extraordinarily stylish when coupled with the right accessories.

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1. Jeans

You probably have one or more pairs of jeans already, but be sure you have a pair that looks perfect for your figure. Research the latest trends and find the style that works for you.

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2. Black Dress

The color black has so many advantages in the fashion world. Not only will a simple black dress go with most of your accessories, shoes and handbags, but it’s also slimming, sizzling and stylish.

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3. White Dress Shirt

A simple white shirt will pair will with most any other piece in your wardrobe. Be sure the style fits your look and choose a dainty pattern or cut that accentuates your figure.

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4. Jacket

A solid-colored jacket can be a blessing if you’re attending an event that could vary in temperature. Jackets also tend to create a more professional look. Choose a style that is fitted and feminine.

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5. Simple Skirt

Simple skirts can be worn with just about any top you own. A basic color and cut can add to any look you’re trying to achieve. Make sure to choose the appropriate length for your body style.

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6. Dress Pants

For days when you just don’t feel like wearing a skirt, simple dress pants can fill in nicely. Again, choose a basic color that goes with the tops in your wardrobe and avoid pleats, if possible.

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7. Sweats

For a comfortable alternative, find a sweatsuit that offers fashion and flair. Gone are the days when sweatpants equated to poor fashion. You can look great in the right type of sweats.

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