Winter Fashion: Sweater Tunics

by Susan M Keenan

Sweater tunics are all the rage this year. What should you know before buying yours?

Avenue Plus Size Beaded Shoulder Tunic SweaterFortunately for those women who love to wear sweaters while also having a certain affinity for tunics, sweater tunics have edged onto the winter fashion scene in full style. A few tips can be used to select the right type of sweater tunic to create a sexy and appealing look depending on the woman’s age and body shape. This style of tunic can be worn to enhance a woman’s best features while minimizing her any features she would like to play down.

Textured sweaters help to conceal a woman’s flaws from wrinkles to a bit too much flab and more. The texture of the sweater acts as camouflage making a woman appear to be thinner than she is. Textured sweater tunics make unsightly bulges less noticeable by not clinging to the body. In order for a textured sweater to provide this feature, both the texture and the sweater should be on the thick side. Cashmere tunics offer a definitive touch of sophistication. Silky woolen sweaters provide a classic look that add that touch of elegance that many women crave to achieve.

Dresses and Tights
Sweater tunics fit nicely and can be worn as dresses. This style of tunic accentuates the bustline while providing a slimming look to the midsection. The legs are left exposed, which is an excellent strategy for those women who have shapely legs. A pair of trendy tights or leggings in Avenue Plus Size Cable Knit V-Neck Tunic Sweaterone of the latest patterns or prints can really heat up the outfit for a hot look. For an elegant look, a pair of knee high boots paired with thick tights can be used. For an impish look, younger women can wear thin tights, leg warmers, and a pair of ankle boots. Mature women in their seventies, eighties, and nineties should avoid wearing tunics as dresses and should instead pair their sweater tunics up with a nice pair of straight-legged slacks.

Older women should select sweater tunics in subdued colors such as browns, grays, blacks, navies, and purples. Younger women can readily wear any bright color including oranges, reds, yellows, pinks, greens, and blues.

Sweater tunics provide a touch of warmth while also providing a touch of class and sophistication to the women who are wearing them. Women looking to keep up with this year’s trends should add several sweater tunics to their wardrobes.