How to Have a Fabulous Wardrobe Frugally

By on July 26, 2012
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Frugal Fashion TipsGuest post by Heather Fallon

Wearing clothing is how people greet the world. A person’s attire is a clue to their hidden self. It is no wonder that so much money is spent on building that perfect wardrobe. The great news is that clothing can be acquired without breaking the bank or personal budgeting goals. There are a few common sense guidelines that every fashion conscious family should follow. Some of these easy tips are fun to implement. A word to the wise. Saving money can become addicting. What an ingenious plan. A closet full of awesome outfits, and a bank balance that brings a smile.

Clothing Shopaholics Success Strategy

This is so basic, yet people tend to miss the mark. One critical element to putting together an affordable wardrobe is to think prior to shopping. Think of clothing as an important business project. Every business manager knows a major project needs fundamental planning. This does not have to be boring. With a little help, this process can really become the best part of shopping. This is where the individual gets to develop control while having a blast. Utilizing a computer to search for the best deals is a concept that is catching on.

New Age Wardrobe Plans

Computers have useful software programming that can make creating a wardrobe plan fun. A person can design their perfect outfits. Using these styles as a guide, visit online stores while sitting at home. Make use of online store coupons. It is possible to make money while shopping. The computer has many useful sites that teach skills such as this. Think ahead, and watch for end of the season sales. The trick is to purchase items that will never go out of style. Plan outfits that can be mixed and matched. Set a firm budget for trendy seasonal items.

Brutal Shopping Tricks

There are certain individuals who must shop until their feet are bulging in their shoes. With common sense tricks, they can still save money. Get friendly with the salespeople. They will often give hints on upcoming sales. Consider the sales rack your new best friend. Hand teens a designated amount of money with instructions. Let them shop with their friends. It is amazing how cost conscious kids can be with their own money. Frequent yard sales, consignment shops and bargain strip malls. Use the buddy system, and shop with a friend with excellent money saving shopping techniques.

The Ancient Art of Sewing

Anyone can learn to sew. Unlike other things in life, there are no age restrictions on this resourceful craft. Take a class at the local sewing supply store. Learn to stitch on personalized embellishments. Take up a hobby and design your own tops. Make accessories to complement the clothes in the closet. It is astounding how much money can be saved this way. Continue to be thrifty, and shop for material and supply sales. Sewing can save a pile of money on children’s garments. There are tons of books on this subject to devour.

There are hundreds of ways to save without sacrificing style. Study tips from fashion magazines. With a little practice, people can learn to recreate runway fashion trends without the high price. Planning, budgeting and common sense can stretch your wardrobe dollars. Creativity unleashed can ensure that the clothing is unique and personal. It is possible to find television shows on this very subject. Remember to keep your wardrobe in balance. People have a tendency to buy too many of the same items, such as shoes. Whether you shop from home, pound the store’s aisles or sew, money can be saved.

Heather Fallon is a fashionista and loves to shop to find those “to die for” bargains.  She travels for business and always finds time to check out cute and trendy shops.  While she travels she uses to keep her fashion gems safe.  

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