IGIGI Video Review: Felicity Dress

By on November 5, 2012
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A couple of weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to review one of the new IGIGI Summer dresses; as a great fan and customer of IGIGI this was definitely something I could not refuse!

I chose to have a closer look at the Felicity dress, which looked like a gorgeous dress for the Summer months. It features a lovely floral print cotton fabric, square neckline and cap sleeves. This is an A-line dress, which hits right below the need. It comes with a detachable wide black belt, though you can choose to wear the dress without the belt if your prefer. Have a look at the video below to see me wear the dress (click here if you cannot view the video below).

I own a number of IGIGI dresses so have come to expect great quality and craftsmanship from IGIGI garments. The Felicity dress truly does not disappoint. I usually order a size 12 from IGIGI, and this is the size I got the Felicity dress in too; though I would suggest you have a good look at the size chart and if your bust measurements are on the higher end of the chart order a size up. This dress is made out of cotton and although it does have a little bit of stretch to it, it does not have a lot… especially when compared to the other IGIGI dresses I own. So this dress fits slightly tight in the top busy area, so if you are top heavy I highly recommend you order a size up than your usual IGIGI size. Also, you will probably need to add on some extra wholes to the belt to be able to wear it; I had to. This surprised me a little bit, since this is a belt accompanying a plus size dress I expected to be able to wear it easily, though I had to add extra holes to it, as the widest one was way to tight for me.

The dress is light (perfect for hot Summer days and nights!), comfortable and fun. I love the colors, the quality of the fabric and the look. I wished it came a little bit more loose at the top, though I have to say that is my fault for not consulting the size chart recommendations in detail before selecting the size.

This is another great dress from IGIGI, which never fails to impress! Expect more exciting new style to be added to IGIGI.com in the coming days and weeks, as they launch their pre-Fall collection.

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  1. PAULA

    May 1, 2013 at 8:24 am

    I think that dress makes us look old. I had to wear “flower sacs” and mumus as a young girl because that was all that was available back then. By the age of 14 I was 220lbs and 6’3″. Thank God plus size fashion is catching up. It missed the mark with this dress. Maybe in a solid color and the hem just a little longer. but I really do thank you for providing us with your fashion insight as well as your very informative blog.

    • Sarah

      May 1, 2013 at 3:43 pm

      Thanks Paula! Appreciate your feedback greatly. Floral prints aren’t everyone’s cup of tea – I myself like them but true some style to tend to make a person look older so one needs to be careful. I think it’s very much a matter of finding your own style to be confident in.

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