Style and Shape: Things to Consider to When Picking Out Your Summer Outfit

By on May 22, 2013
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As the summer months approach, many are transitioning from spring and winter clothing to the much more comfortable summer styles. In summer, anyone can get away with wearing more revealing clothes – from tanks, shorts and t-shirts galore! However, if you want to be a fashionista, there are a few things you may want to consider before digging through your closet and throwing on whatever you find.

Body Shape

Consider your body shape. Characteristically, there are four shapes that apply to most women: column, pear, hourglass and inverted triangle. Why is it important to consider your shape? Because understanding what it is will help you choose appropriate styles that accentuate your curves.


The column shape is characterized as an undefined waist, equally balanced hips and shoulders. The trick with this shape is to wear clothes that define your shape. For summer, why not throw on a dress with a tailored waist?

The second body shape is the hourglass – categorized as well-proportioned bust and hips, round shoulders and shapely legs. A few examples for seasonal clothing for an hourglass shape would be figure-hugging garments.

The third shape is one of the most common shapes, the pear. Pear-shaped women usually have hips that are bigger than their bust. Because pear shaped women are a little bigger on their bottom half, one of the techniques to make that creates the illusion of balance and still shows off your curves. Wear clothing that shows off your neckline and shoulders, so go strapless!

The inverted triangle is the fourth shape category. A wide back, broad shoulders, large bust and slim hips characterize the inverted triangle body shape. A few tips for what those with inverted triangles body types can wear are short skirts, short dresses and shorts. These styles are sure to accentuate your legs, so why not show them off this summer?

Seasonal Trends

Now that you know your body shape and can now consider it when you pick out an outfit this season, it’s time to look for trendy garments that will keep you up-to-date with summer fashions. With clear lines, simple cuts and an array of colorful pastels, women everywhere are taking advantage of the exciting new fashions that high-end designers are producing.

Geometric shapes, classic silhouettes and retro styles are big this season, and women of all shapes and sizes are flocking to department stores to get their pick of the latest European-inspired clothing.

This summer, some of the hottest garments for full-figured women include tunics, blouses and lightweight cardigans with deep necklines and v-cuts. These can easily be transitioned from daywear to nightwear.

A few other seasonal trends for shapely women also include pencil skirts, tulip skirts, leggings, wide pants and banana pants.

Color is also essential when picking out a summer outfit. Stay clear of dark colors and try wearing lighter colors and pastels. If you do use darker colors, however, make sure to combine them with contrasting pastels.

For fabrics, there’s basically only one rule: steer away of wool. As the temperatures get higher, fabrics are getting thinner. Lighter fabrics make for a more comfortable outfit. Plus, thinner fabrics keep you cool.

While your man drives down to buy a couple of Sport Shirts from Brooks Brothers, why not drive to your local department store and fetch yourself a new outfit for your next big occasion? If you do, make sure to keep these tips in mind, this way, you can pick the most seasonally appropriate garments that both complement and accentuate your shape!

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