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Update Your Wardrobe with Well Chosen Accessories – Part 1

By Sarah On August 26, 2009 Under plus size fashion tips

Grey Snakeskin Malia Bias HeelIn the current economic climate, it is important to be able to dress well without breaking the budget. Now is the time to re-organise your wardrobe. Put away, or throw out, items you no longer wear and re-vamp those items that you love. You can create a new-look outfit by purchasing new accessories.

Choose Shoes that Enhance Your Outfit
Every outfit you own will look wonderful with color matching shoes. Unless you always wear neutral colored clothing, color matching your shoes is a very expensive option. A less expensive method of matching your shoes with what you are wearing is to buy shoes in the same color tone as your hair.

When you are considering purchasing new shoes, hold them up to the level of your hair and match the shoes to your hair coloring. Shoes will co-ordinate perfectly with any color outfit if they are the same color as your hair. A person with dark brown hair can wear dark brown or black shoes to co-ordinate with almost any color, even navy. A blonde-haired person will look great in caramel colored shoes regardless of the color of her outfit. A red headed woman will look stunning in a rusty colored shoe.

The most flattering shoes are pumps with a medium to high heel. Open-toed sandals look wonderful especially when enhanced with well-manicured toenails. Pumps and sandals are suitable to wear with a variety of skirt lengths, which makes them a very versatile choice when you need to adhere to a budget.

Buying the Best Handbag
It is important to choose the right size handbag to suit your own shape and size. Small handbags look lovely when carried by petite women. Tall or more rounded shaped women look best when they carry a large handbag.

When choosing the color of your handbag, you can either co-ordinate the color of the bag with your shoes or with your clothing. Metallic colored handbags are a perfect choice for dressing up an evening outfit, provided the metallic color matches your jewellery. Do not carry a gold colored bag and wear silver jewellery. Avoid two-toned colors or patterns unless the two colors are a perfect match with the colors in your outfit.

Keep on watching this space, as next week the second and final part of this article is coming up, where we share you with even more stylish tips!

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