Missphit is Now Kristin Miles

Kirstin Miles Plus SizesI’ve been getting a lot of emails recently from ladies asking me what’s happened to the Missphit brand. I know a lot of you have been trying to access the site, to discover that the online store is not functional anymore. But finally we have some good new – so fear not ladies! The Missphit plus size brand has not disappeared, it’s just being given a makeover, and in the process it has also been given a bran new name: Kristin Miles.

We’ve spoken to Yul Kwon, the company’s CEO, and this is the scoop he had in store for us about Kristin Miles:

“We are the same company with the same fashion forward designs and the same fit! We’ve just grown (and grown up) a bit and wanted the name to follow suit! Please expect the same trendy styles along with a bit more sophistication and an even higher quality.”

New stock has already been added to their collection, and more new styles are on their way. You can access Kristin Miles at http://www.kristinmiles.com, to shop through the many styles they currently have available.

Visit them right now as they are still running a fantastic Holiday Sale, where you can find select tops for $15, dresses for $20 and outwerwear for just $25. Prices are already marked as reduced, so no coupon codes are required. These discounts will end Sunday, December 31st, 2011.

So head on to Kirstin Miles right away to discover the brand new home for Missphit.