How to Choose Plus Size Career Dresses?

August 25, 2010 · 2 comments

in Plus Size Clothing

By Stacy Montgomery of Sealed with a Kiss Designs

Plus Size Career Dress from SWAK DesignsToday it’s important to look professional both at your office and workplace. It doesn’t really matter what size your body is. If you are one of those who opt for plus size dresses, you better find a dress that perfectly fits your curves and goes well with your work culture. It’s better to spend some time at an early period to avoid any problem later on.

You can consider the following factors while buying a plus size career dress:

First factor to look out for the plus size dresses is their fitting. The simple thing to keep in mind is to buy the size which exactly fits you right now not the size which you will attain in the coming months. The dress should be perfect for you now at this moment. If you are unsure about the best fit for your body, you may get some consultation from a professional who can help you in determining your exact figure. Try to strike a balance between the extreme types of clothing. The career dresses should neither be too tight near the chest and behind nor should they be loose and sloppy. A middle approach works the best.

Second factor to keep in mind is the modesty and decency involved with that dress. Even if you a have great body and figure, avoid exposing it at the workplace. The dress employed here should be fully professional and hence strictly avoid such exposure. You can always switch the clothes once you exit the office. However in lieu of covering up your body, make sure you don’t make yourself uncomfortable with excessively long and heavy dresses. Try to keep both the factors of comfort and modesty side by side.

Third factor while buying a plus size career dress is to see if it can help you in enhancing your positive factors. For example a long dress may help you in looking tall. Similarly a full sleeved dress may avoid the exposure of your arms if they are too fat. Tight dresses near the waist will make your overall personality better. You can always try the dress on store and ask your accompanying friend for opinions about the overall looks. If you don’t have such a friend, you always have a mirror and common sense. So, just go with your feelings.

Fourthly, see if this career dress allows you to carry extra accessories. For example see if this dress can match your favorite purse or not. See if your lucky bracelet or wrist watch can be worn with this or not. The best dress should be something which can easily accommodate maximum apparels and accessories which will further and enhance your personality. I recommend Classic Surplice Neck plus size dress in this regard. But make sure you don’t over-stuff yourself with these extra items. Sometimes a good and professional dress will do the job and there will be no need of such extra items.

In the end, it’s exactly up to you to make the choice.

Stacy Montgomery, VP of sales for Sealed with a Kiss Designs has built her career around her passion, which is embracing her own unique beauty and healthy, plus-sized body. She says: “I have always been full-figured, and I am a great looking size 16. I am healthy, beautiful, and proud to be me!” Sealed with a Kiss Designs covers everything from “the little black dress” to everyday fashions and outerwear.


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Mo August 26, 2010 at 12:16 am

Also take into account that your workplace may have a dress code policy. Just because you’ve never read it, or no one seems to adhere to it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Your workplace culture will determine how much they care about such a thing. (Not talking about places that have uniforms.) Most things are obvious, like no flip-flop shoes, no cutoffs, no spaghetti strap tanks, that sort of thing. But I’ve read people’s complaints of offices where you could wear heels but not open-toed shoes (in places where safety was not an issue), skirts or shorts but not skorts, cap sleeves but not sleeveless, etc. Get a copy of the policy and read it.

Combining the first and second paragraphs above, find out what styles look like what on YOUR body shape. I think wrap dresses are very pretty; but with my breasts, 99% of them end up way too low-cut to wear to work, and they look stupid with a shirt under them. :( Also take into account most models aren’t short. If you’re petite like me (5″ even), a skirt will probably be longer than on the model That dress in the photo would very likely be just below the knee on me. There are lots of options for work dresses, but you’ll get what’s appropriate a lot faster if you know what looks best on you.

Mink August 26, 2010 at 8:53 am

Great post and nice compilation of tips for plus size women. I also think that fitting is the key for looking good. Keep posting..

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