Top 5 Tips to Choose the Best Prom Dress

By on July 31, 2013
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Plus Size Prom DressesEvery person is built differently, and despite what many fashion magazines might like us to believe, we’re not all meant to be tall and slim with a certain color or style of hair. People are different, and our differences are what make us interesting and beautiful.

Everyone has favorite features to accentuate and emphasize when choosing make-up, accessories and clothing—and prom dresses offer young ladies a wonderful way to flaunt what makes us feel fabulous about ourselves. With all of the many choices available today, a girl of any shape or size can find that magical, perfect prom dress that makes her feel amazing.

Below are 5 top tips for choosing a fabulously flattering prom dress:

1. Contemplating Curves

Are you hoping to achieve a classic hourglass effect with your prom dress that hearkens back to the glamorous movie stars of the fifties and sixties? If Marilyn Monroe is a style idol of yours, and you’d like to channel some of her voluptuous vivacity, choose a dress in a timeless A-line or fitted sheath style to turn up your curves a few notches.

Also: look for supportive straps and glamorous decorative accents, and keep accessories simple and elegant so the focus stays on you.

2. Bountiful Behind

A backside can be a beautiful thing to behold, so if that’s a favorite feature you’d like to highlight with your prom dress, choose a clingy, form-fitting style, such as a sheath dress with a V-neckline to pull the eyes down to your best asset area.

If you feel you’ve been blessed with a bit more behind than this world can handle, you can always downplay it with a full-skirted dress shape, while accentuating your upper bodice area with a neckline that draws attention upward.

3. Beautifully Busty

If you love your chest the best and feel like it’s a great place to focus attention, consider a sweetheart neckline or V-neck to draw attention to the bust. If you’re looking for support in this area, a halter style neckline on your prom dress can pull the bust up.

Accessories such as ornate or sparkling necklaces and embellishments on the upper area of your gown can also help get your bust region the recognition it deserves.

4. Great Guns

Got good arms? Whether you were genetically gifted, or perhaps you worked hard to get those toned, strong arms, if you want to show them off in your prom dress, look for gown designs with spaghetti straps or strapless necklines that make the arms more noticeable.

If your arms aren’t your favorite feature, never fear, because short and see-through sleeves can help de-emphasize, and a sweetheart neckline can bring out the bust to overshadow the arms.

5. Happiest Height

Even though there are advantages to being both petite and tall, we all seem to want what we don’t have, often wishing for a few more or a few less inches.

If you’re a bit on the shorter side of things and want to add some length to your prom vision, keep your dress simple and form-fitting, as flares and flashy accessories can crop your clean line. Heels can help add height, obviously, but be sure you can walk and dance comfortably in them so you can still have fun.

If you’re taller and you want to downplay this feature, a full-length dress with low-heeled shoes or flats can minimize your size, and a flared skirt can shorten your silhouette.

Maybe you have long legs you love, or shorter, toned legs with amazing muscle definition. Perhaps you have strong arms that make you feel powerful, or delightful décolletage to offer the world that raises your self-esteem sky high when you show it off. Whatever you love about your body and style is what you want to discover and uncover with the tips above to find the perfect prom dress for you.


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  1. Savanna

    August 9, 2013 at 7:24 pm

    These tips are wonderful! A great prom dress can make the evening enchanting. Thanks for running such a wonderful trendy womens fashion blog!

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