The Finer Details: 3 Essential Accessories for Winter 2012

By on October 12, 2012
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Men’s Fashion Tips for Winter 2012

Accessories: the reserve of girls? Afraid not. You might associate the word with all that is decidedly un-blokey, but it’s almost a guarantee that one – if not several – accessories have made their way into your wardrobe and onto your person without you even realizing it.

Sceptical? Let’s look at the facts. That bag holding your laptop and gym kit in? An accessory. That pride-and-joy watch? An accessory. Those sunglasses you think give you the look of Tom Cruise, the Top Gun days? You guessed it – an accessory.

Yes, the style kudos (and day-to-day necessity) of the man-accessory is not to be scoffed at, and with winter fast approaching, here are the top three essential add-ons for a practical, yet stylish, winter 2012:

Men's ScarfA Scarf

Thrown on to prevent pesky winds from snaking down the neck and wrapping around defenseless chest hairs; the scarf, more often that not, is a mere afterthought of functional, rather than fashionable dressing. However, with the current abundance in style, color and print, the humble scarf is having something of a moment and with a wealth of choice available, finding one to suit should be a doddle this season.

If you’re looking for something understated, go for a plain, but chunky knit. Men in particular can pull off the bulk of a really thick scarf, and so just like hot chips on a December day – the chunkier the better. It’s also worth considering that the lack of print allows for a little leeway with color  so be bold and opt for this season’s deep, oxblood reds and rich, regal purples. They will look superb tucked under the muted palette of a grey or black coat.

But, if you’re after something more adventurous, invest in the reigning British heritage trend with a whimsically nostalgic Fair Isle-print scarf. Combining playful sartorial flair and undeniable style credentials, this distinct choice will add a touch of dashing wit to any icy-day outfit.


The party season is here and with it comes the certain inevitably that at some point, you’ll be required to ‘make an impression’. It might be the girlfriend’s mum or the boss at your works’ do, but either way, your appearance will be their first point of reference – so it’s probably best to get it right first time. For a formal occasion, the formula is a simple one; get yourself a sharp suit, a polished pair of brogues…and accessorize with a great pair of cufflinks.


However, if you’re pinning a pair on for a festive sportsman’s dinner or a dressed-up evening with the lads, make as novelty-a-choice as you desire. After several pints, they’ll get a good laugh. Probably.With countless styles now available, you have every opportunity to express yourself as you see fit this winter, but depending on the occasion – and your audience – you’d be wise to give your choice some careful consideration. Discreet though they may be, the flash on your wrist of a miniature gun, a naked pin-up motif or anything that spells out a four-letter-word expletive might not go down so well with the in-laws. So keep it minimalist, and go for something classy and well maintained.

A Wallet

This one is easy. There should be no Velcro in sight, it should be small enough to fit in your pocket and it should always, always make an appearance at the bar, on Christmas Eve. After all…nobody likes a Scrooge.

This fashion advice was provided by High & Mighty – retailers of mens clothes for large and tall sized men.

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