Scarves: The Timeless Fashion Accessories

By on July 12, 2013
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by James Wong

It is often said that beauty is like mist, it comes and goes just like that. Those items that constitute a beauty or fashion trend today, cease to be one tomorrow. Shops and design outlets advertise new collections everyday and for those who move with fashion, it is a daily dose of must-buys. Despite the waves of fashion that have washed the sands of time, one item remains a timeless fashion icon. It was, it is, and it will always be. The past does not make it irrelevant, the present does not make it a cliché and the future does not intimidate it. The scarf, with all its versatility, will always be a player in the fashion wars.

Coming in a variety of patterns, colors and material types, scarves have been known to match nearly every items of clothing that it is worn with. This flexibility has made it a darling to many fashion celebrities. Look at movie stars, songbirds and other celebrities, scarves are just the in-thing for them. Many wardrobes have spaces reserved just for scarves and as if that is not enough research has shown that many people set aside an amount of money for the purchase of designer scarves. Social movements have been seen designing scarves for given social functions or just to pass a message.

Adorning a scarf makes you look your best or to say the least, it gives you a new look that will accentuate your beauty. When worn with other clothes, scarves have a way of transforming what would otherwise not have been a great outfit into a superb wear. This clearly shows that these fashion items have the power to add life back into your wardrobe. When it comes to dressing, the easiness with which it is to add a scarf to an outfit makes it a much-preferred item to accessorize with.

ScarvesThe lives that we lead nowadays are so packed with activities that one can hardly find ample time to switch clothes or even dress properly. It is a fact that from the moment you step out in the morning, there could be a number of functions that they are attending some formal while others informal. One may get stuck with the dilemma of what to put on and just how to untangle oneself from the whole dressing mess. Well, here is the solution; scarves can be worn for almost every function or situation. When worn with a formal outfit, it can easily pass for office attire. Scarves can even add a touch of elegance to an outfit designed for an evening out on the town.

The inexpensiveness of scarves also makes them popular with people affording a huge collection with just relatively small financial sacrifice. The availability of scarves to match every season also is a factor that has led to them to being a choice for any occasion. There are winter scarves, summer scarves and even scarves that work for the autumn season. It therefore up to you to decide the fashion statement that you want to make this year. In whatever you decide on, let the scarf complement your personality and taste of design.

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