Prom Dress Trends for 2014: Look Like A Princess On That Special Night

By on January 15, 2014
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by P K Martin

If we take a look at what designers have prepared for the prom dresses of 2014 then we find that the prom trends of next year seem to be the formalwear interpretations of street style and high-end fashion. Many celebrities like Selena Gomez, Vanessa Gomez, Chloe Moretz and Carly Rae Jepsen sparked these fashion trends this year by wearing such dresses at premiers and award ceremonies. Some most notable trends are being mentioned below:

Peplum: Over the course of last few months Peplum has exploded in the market of prom dresses. Peplum skirts, tops and other dresses are available at almost all locations and for all budgets. In the next year too we’ll find Peplum making its mark in the formalwear sector. It’s an age appropriate, fun and flirty way to make yourself standout from the crowd.

Usage of Lace in amazing ways: Lace seems to be making its comeback once again, but this time in more dramatic and amazing ways. Its super feminine style gives you the look of “princess” on a special day. A highly notable trend in the lace designs is that they’re being used as striking designs this time. In the past they were used just for smaller details, but this time it’s not like that.

Brighter hues: Brighter is better for prom dresses in 2014. Keep this fact in mind whenever you’re about to purchase a prom dress. Generally colored dresses used to dominate the space of prom dresses but this time designers have been shifting to the neon hued designs. The most awesome thing about this trend is that it can be easily combined with other trends (i.e. peplum or lace) for making an outstanding prom dress.

The rise of High-Low: This trend gives designers an opportunity to innovate with multiple colors, prints and design trends. Whether it’s a pop of a different color’s lining or a printed underskirt, designers have more choices in their work due to the rise of this trend. It also combines amazingly with the interests of teenagers who want a dress that gives them princess like feel but still looks fun and flirty.

Ombre: This thing is the hit of this year, and it’ll continue its rise in the next year too. You can find ombre everywhere – from nail polishes to hairstyles to prom dresses. It can fade from one color to the other or can show up a variation of only one color.

Short dresses with sheer overlay: If you want to look sexy on that prom night then this trend is coming out just for you. Short dresses with sheer overlay give that elegant look for prom, but with a bit of sexier twist. Dresses like these look like a combination of gown and party dress.

These were just a few trends which will dominate the prom market in 2014. I hope this information will help you in finding your next prom dress.

This article was written by P K Martin for increasing awareness in people about the fashion trends of 2014. For more information on these trends you can visit the dresses section of Dressv’s website at

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