Fall 2012 Style Guide: 5 Items That Are Hot Right Now

By on October 17, 2012
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by Keith

London, New York and Paris Fashion Weeks have just been and gone and now, a couple of weeks into Fall, it’s easy to gauge what the hot looks for this season are. Cork wedges and similar trends, synonymous with the summer just passed, are gone and, in their place, are a whole new array of trends. Here are some of the most popular:

Plus Size Peplum Top

Peplum Shell from eloquii by THE LIMITED

The Peplum

It is not hard to see why this style has been embraced by the likes of Kim Kardashian and other celebrity fashionistas as the trend, which is set to continue to grow in popularity, manages to give a playful and feminine edge to any ensemble. The style, which involves the addition of a ruffled frill on to the bottom of a top, first hit the high streets last spring but has since grown exponentially in terms of its omnipresence. As the trend continue to grow, the peplum has started cropping up on even more items of clothing including coats and even skirts.

The Detachable Collar

One of the more bold choices of style in the fall look book, the detachable colour can add effortlessly classy sophistication and elegance to even the more muted of outfits. Originally starting primarily as a cat-walk trend, detachable collars represent one of the better examples of cat-walk fashion crossing over into high street popularity. Best used to brighten up plain tops rather than being teamed with anything too bold.

The Ankle Boot

Replacing the nude court heel and the aforementioned cork wedge as the go to footwear of choice this Fall, the ankle boot, always a fall favourite, has seen its popularity soar as of late. With many designers taking on the challenge of revitalising the ankle boot style, a number of different variations have sprung up this season including Steve Madden’s celebrated military style variation. Due to the large number of boots available on the market there are a number of different ways one can utilise ankle boots to spruce up an outfit and to create tones ranging from office chic through to graceful evening attire.

Luxe Fabrics

Whilst layering has always been big in fashion circles, the latest trend for this season is to do so by incorporating an array of luxury textures into one’s look. Amongst the more popular fabrics for this season are cashmere, mohair and angora and are all available in most high street shops. Whilst sporting an ensemble made entirely consisting of one of these materials, such as cashmere for example, may look ludicrous, mixing and matching these to create a multi-faceted outfit is one of the most popular choices of dress code for the Fall.

Menswear Watches

Androgyny is becoming more and more the go to style for designers who are looking to add some daring new ideas to their collections. Whilst recent times have seen the re-appropriation of men’s footwear, from brogues through to penny loafers, as a feminine choice of footwear, the latest trend sees the use of masculine accessories to a lady’s wardrobe – in this instance, men’s watches. To fully embrace the look, a chunky golden watch is probably the best bet instead of the more traditionally dainty style previously worn by the fairer sex. The more noticeable, the better.

Keith is a fashion writer who blogs about the latest trend developments. His favourite footwear this season are Barratts ankle boots.

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