Choosing Dresses for Your Figure

By on October 12, 2012
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by Jess Toogood

Dresses for Your FigureYou probably know about different women’s figures and might even know what yours is but do you know how to choose clothes for your figure? Women’s dresses are the most basic clothing staple out there and the cut of the dress can make or break your figure. Do you know how to choose a dress that looks great on you? If not, try using this simple guide for choosing a dress for one of the eight women’s figures.

Dresses for Pear Shapes

Choose dresses to cover the hips and accentuate the waist. Pear shapes have a larger bottom than anything else so you’re going to want to choose a dress that is at least knee length. Choosing a shorter dress will simply accentuate you at the thickest part of the thigh which makes you look even bigger on the bottom. Try a 50’s style knee length swing dress, belt the waist and you’re sure to look great.

Apple Shaped Dresses

The apple shaped figure has the same size across the whole torso and usually very little waist to hip definition. Avoid the bandage dress fad and instead try going for something a little more you. An empire waist dress will emphasize your waist, curve your hips out and give your figure the definition it needs. As an apple figure you can accentuate your face and your shoulders to draw attention away from your hips and waist.

Petite Dresses

Avoid anything overly cute or girly because it might make you look like you are much younger than you are. With your tiny build, short waist and big hips, a dress with puffed sleeves and a bow might make you look 12. You’ll also want to avoid wearing dresses that drown out your figure. Instead, try going for shorter women’s dresses at mid-thigh and smaller patterns. These won’t drown out your figure and the thigh high skirt will make you look taller. Pair with heels for an added effect.

Dresses for an Hourglass Figure

Hourglass figures are the famous models of the 50’s and the shape that many women want. If you’re one, congratulations, you have a great body. Now for the hard part, wearing a dress that isn’t fitted on the waist will make you look bulky. If you don’t want to add to your weight or add inches, you’ll want to avoid women’s dresses that don’t tuck in on the waist.


Slender Body Types

Your problem is that you have very few actual curves, but don’t worry; it’s easy to create them. Did you know that most models have your figure? Clothing hangs better on slimmer figures so you can choose to wear almost any women’s dresses. For the best effect, choose something that flares out around the waist and then belt it to add the illusion of curves.

Inverted Triangle

Your shoulders are wider than the rest of your body which is how your figure got its name. Try choosing dresses with simple tops that flare out at the hips to give your figure more definition. You can create a dramatic hourglass figure by throwing on a flared skirt with a tight fitting top, or a dress with the same measurements.

Casual Evening Whimsy Wrap Dress, Red (Plus Size)Whimsy Wrap Dress by Kiyonna

How Athletic Builds Can Wear a Dress

You’re long, you’re leggy but you probably have a small bust and more muscle than most other girls. How do you wear a dress? Most athletic girls shrink away from dresses entirely but that’s definitely not necessary, you will look great in them. Try wearing feminine colours, prints and shapes and always remember to define your waist. A wide belt paired with anything will add definition to your waist. For a night out on the town, try getting a dress with ruching or gathered fabric to add a little definition to your waist. Dark colours will make you look slender, especially if you’re tall. If you want a little bit of extra curves to your figure, try adding peplum or a flared waistband.

Dresses for Tall Girls

Your problem is that you’re taller than most but quite likely could have any of a range of different body types. First, try choosing a dress that skims your knees or is lower. It will make you look shorter because while you will still look long, the dress looks as though it’s a little longer. Another way to shorten your frame is to wear a colour contrast belt or to purchase a colour block dress, both of which are in fashion right now. Finally, draw attention to your face with a boat neck or V-neck dress.

Finding women’s dresses for your figure is easy once you know your shape and what will look good on you.

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