5 Winter Fashion Trends to Flatter Your Curves

By on November 4, 2013
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Winter 2014 is going to be a great time for us plus sized women because of the great fashion trends that we will be able to wear. These fashion trends will make curvy women look fantastic when incorporated in their day to day outfits, and the style suggestion we’ll be pointing you to in the coming weeks are also reasonably priced!

Some of the top Winter 2014 fashion trends for plus sized women are different than last year’s, while there are some trends making a comeback, as usually happens. As you will see these trends are chic and attractive, and curvy women will feel great when they wear them. The following are the top fashion trends for Winter, 2014 for plus sized women, that you must take note of!

The Chic Black

1. The Chic Black

The color black is a favorite with many women, chosen particular because is helps create a ‘slimming’ illusion for any body shape. But ensure you have fun with the color black! You can choose to wear a streamlined black skirt, topped with a bold colored shirt. Good colors for shirts are red, royal blue and white. It is important to add a blazer, preferably black with shoulder pads. Gold jewelry is a plus… something like small earrings and a nice necklace will add pizzazz to your outfit. Black stockings will streamline the legs, and a medium heeled pump will add height to the your overall look. As a plus size woman, you can wear this look for business or pleasure at any time of the year!

Vertical Stripes

2. Vertical Stripes For Pizzazz

If you want to stand out in the crowd this winter, then opt for wearing vertical stripes. Choose a tailored, vertical striped shirt, which will accentuate your curves in all the right places. The colors can be vibrant, don’t stick to just black and white, but it is important to keep the stripes small to give a slimming look. This type of shirt needs to be paired with solid, dark colored pants or even a skirt for a great look. Bold jewelry can be added. Medium sized pumps and black stockings will work wonders to complete your look!

Leopard Prints

3. Small, Leopard Prints To Wow The Crowd

Another great trend which you can choose to wear this coming winter, which is one of those trends making a comeback, is the animal print trend. In particular, go for small leopard prints for a top or shirt. This type of look, again, needs to be tailored. A great look is a white and black, small, leopard print shirt as the black and white color will make you look fantastic in the right places. This can be coupled with slimming black pants or skirt. A striking, white necklace and earrings will call attention to your beautiful face.

4. A Dress With A Bodice Gives Impact

A new trend to look out for is the bodice… but how can this be easily worn? Simply! Choose a dress, or even top, which has a bodice, it can have a tie at the top or another flattering collar, the point here is to draw attention to the upper body. This look will work the best if the dress is in a solid color, but should not be too bold. Blues, black, grays and dark greens make wonderful color choices. A pretty shawl worn over the dress, which will add demure. The shawls color should contrast the color of the dress, but once again do nott be too bold. Jewelry with this outfit can be versatile. Small, but pretty necklaces and earring will be a perfect touch for any special occasion.

5. Casual Leather

Black leather is another hot trend making it’s way into the Winter season, and if worn correctly, can truly flatter a plus size woman’s curves! The best pieces to go for with this trend are tailored jackets, skirts and pants. This outfit can be topped with a turtle neck in white, tan, brown, blue or black for example. Try wearing medium heeled boots will give an edge to your look, and choose jewelry which is very unique. Pieces that have an unusual stone in them that stand out make awesome additions!

During the winter of 2014 plus sized women will and can stand out with these 5 great fashion trends. This upcoming season make sure you overhaul your closer, to make sure you make an entrance wherever you may go, whether it is for business or pleasure.

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