4 Stunning Plus Size Suits by Monif C.

By on October 3, 2013
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Shopping for a suit is always a time consuming task as suits are meant to be tailored to your exact body shape, but it can be an even harder task for a plus sized woman that wants the same tailored look. However, curvy women no longer have to struggle to find a great suit or tailored blazer and pant suit set due to the new line of women’s work wear now available from Monif C. Plus Sizes. Monif C is a high end fashion designer that exclusively offers designs for plus sized women making it simple to get a confidence boost from a form fitting and sharp collection of clothing.

Vanessa Shawl Collar Leopard BlazerSUIT

Vanessa Shawl Collar Leopard Suit

The new collection of professional clothing options, known as the Wear To Work range, is available now on the Monif C website and offers plenty of styles and choices so that you can find something that perfectly matches your own fashion tastes. This collection was launched earlier this year with a selection of gorgeous office perfect dresses, and now this range have been expanded to include the most fashion forward full figured pant and skirt suits. Most of the suits are built using the same three elements, a blazer, skirt, or pants. When combined the blazers nicely accentuate the natural curves of the plus sized body and the pants or skirt are fitted to help slim the legs and bring out the hourglass shape that is formed by the body.

Veronica Ponte Zipper Front Blazer - BlackSUIT

Veronica Ponte Zipper Front Suit

When it comes to style, everyone has their own personal sense of style, but there are plenty of options available from Monif C! Stripes are very popular this season and the Veronica Ponte Zipper Front Blazer and matching pencil skirt is a brilliant way to wear them. The stripes help to carefully mold the shape of the body and allow the best curves of the body to pop out as you strut down the street. Being a professional does not mean that you have to give up a sense of style, and the bold black and white stripes with angled cuts will certainly get you noticed.

Nadine Houndstooth BlazerSUIT

Nadine Houndstooth Suit

Those who want a more traditional suit will want to take a close look at the Houndsooth blazer that is titled the Nadine suit. The black and white Houndstooth suit offers interested parties a one button blazer and a tight fitting pencil skirt. While it may be a traditional print, the cut is very flattering to the plus sized body and will allow you to carry yourself professionally in the office with an extra bounce in each step. Toss in the black accents along the side of the blazer and the blazer perfectly fits any plus sized figure.

Veronica Ponte Zipper Front Blazer - StripeSUIT

Veronica Ponte Zipper Front Suit

There are various other suits styles available in the Monif C. Wear To Work collection, all of which will leave you wanting to go to the office, or the next board meeting, just to get the chance to wear these stunning plus size suits!

Click here to check out the Monif C. Wear To Work collection!

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