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Maryland Square [4/5]
Store of the Month - January 2007

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Some of your might be surprised to see that the first ‘Store of the Month’ award of the New Year goes to a non-clothing store! I understand your surprise indeed; however what is a gorgeous plus size fashion outfit without the appropriate pair of shoes to go along with it? The right pair of shoes can either make or break an outfit! What’s more, comfortable and quality shoes are essentials to keep our feet healthy and pain free, in a fast paced life. Read on and you will find that Maryland Square is a speciality shoe store which indeed deserves this award!

Another reason why I decided to focus on a speciality shoe store is that, like a lot of plus size women find trouble and difficulty finding clothes that fit and are fashionable, many women also have the same troubles with their feet! With either big feet, wide feet, narrows feet, or a combination of all the above, a lot of women I meet have trouble finding the right pair of shoes, which they like and are stylish, in their shoe size!

I myself have had this problem for as long as I can remember. The length of my feet is one size, while the width of my feet is two sizes larger than that! Yep, I’ve got a pair of wide feet indeed; which has actually left me with a negative feeling towards shoe shopping. I love shoes; stylish, fashionable, colourful (and sometimes even out of the ordinary!) shoes. So it’s quite a bummer going out to see endless choice of shoes I’d love to put by heels in, which do not fit me!

That’s where a store like Maryland Square comes in to save the day, and make my big and wide feet look pretty and sexy. This great store offers women’s shoes in wide width, narrow widths and hard to find sizes! They carry dress, casual and name brand footwear to suit all needs and occasions. The shoe Maryland Square offers scream out quality, so you will definitely get your bang for the buck!

Maryland Square is in fact a pretty new store which we are featuring on, and I wanted to bring it to you in a special way, as a ‘Store of the Month’, as I felt it deserved the extra attention.

Ladies (and feet)… enjoy!

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SarahSarah Testa is the Founder and Executive Editor of, the plus size clothing directory. A plus size lady herself, Sarah strives to provide plus size ladies with a place where they can find the latest plus size fashion and lifestyle tips, news and advice.