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Welcome to the first issue of Loving My Curves! We are very excited to finally bring this to you. A lot of great articles have been prepared for you in this issue, along with a complete update on all the best savings and deals around at the moment.

As a special treat we are also featuring an exclusive interview with Phyllis Brasch Librach, the founder of Sydney's Closet. Author Brette Sember has also contributed to this first issue, sharing with us why plus size pregnancy can and should be a positive experience. Without further ado... let's move on to the good stuff we have lined up for you in this issue!

Though let me take a minute to announce the winner of the $50 gift voucher from IGIGI. This winner is Lakietra Pittman. A big well done and thank you all for the great response!

Love your curves!
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Heart Meet Phyllis Librach - founder of Sydney's Closet

Plus-size pregnancy is a positive experience!

Plus styles getting hotter

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Plus size events

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IGIGI - plus size fashion in sizes 14 to 32
Meet Phyllis Brasch Librach - founder of Sydney's Closet

Phyllis LibrachIn this first issue of
Loving My Curves we are very happy to be able to introduce to you Phyllis Brasch Librach, who is the lady behing one of the web's top sources for plus size formal wear and prom dresses, Sydney's Closet. The store provides plus size formal wear in sizes 14 to 44!

Earier in July I had the pleasure of speaking with Phyllis about many a things... about how Sydney's Closet came to be the great store it is today, about the plus size fashion industry and about some upcoming plan Sydney's Closet has in store. All this, and more, is detailed in an interview we have just published on Here is a snippet from the latest interview...

Pasazz: Tell us a little bit about yourself, where are you from and what is your background in the fashion industry?

Phyllis: I grew up in New York City and Long Island. After college in Florida, I returned to Manhattan where I launched my career as an assistant fashion editor at Conde Nast magazines, publishers of famed fashion magazines including Vogue, Glamour and Mademoiselle.

My late father, Sidney M. Brasch loved to see me, my sister and our mother dress up! I named the business after him – and put a feminine twist on his name.

Pasazz: What moved you to get into the plus size clothing business and open Sydney’s Closet?

Phyllis: An award-winning journalist, I traded deadlines for hemlines after a disastrous shopping trip to the mall in St. Louis failed to turn up a plus-size Prom dress for my curvy teen-age daughter.

Pasazz: What essential tips would you give to a plus size teen looking for a fashionable prom dress?

  •     Shop year-round: browse teen sites and online Prom stores to catch trends for Prom 2007 and snap up cheap prom dresses from Prom 2006
  •     Decide soon: best-selling Prom dresses sell out by March
  •     Allow time: special order dresses take six to eight weeks to get to you
  •     Be size wise: carefully measure your bust, waist and hips + know those numbers
  •     Smooth curves: shape wear is essential
  •     Hue cue: find a prom dress in a color that makes you smile
  •     Work your curves: know which silhouette flatters your figure - not the model’s
  •     Nip and tuck: plan on alterations for a perfect fit
Please follow this link, to read the full interview and find out more about Syndey's Clost and Phyllis!
Plus-Size Pregnancy is a Positive Experience!
by Brette Sember

Brette SemberI’m a plus-size mom of two children and I found that I had many questions that weren’t answered by pregnancy books.  I wanted to know if and how my weight impacted my pregnancy and I wanted help finding maternity clothes.  I didn’t look like the women on the covers of those other books.  I needed support and information and it just wasn’t out there, so I decided to write the book that I wanted to read - Your Plus-Size Pregnancy: The Ultimate Guide for the Full-Figured Expectant Mom. 

Pregnancy is one of the most special times in a woman’s life, yet to read some of the reports in the media, you would think that being plus-sized and pregnant is dangerous, unhealthy, and risky.  Contrary to what is often reported, it is absolutely possible to be plus-sized, have a healthy pregnancy, and feel good about yourself.  Yes, plus-sized women have some risks that are slightly elevated, but women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and histories have different risks during pregnancy.   Curvy moms need support and information, just as other women do. 

To have a healthy and happy plus-sized pregnancy, follow these tips:
  • Find a health care provider you trust who treats you with respect. 
    Many plus-size women relate stories of doctors and nurses who treated them like second-class citizens.  It is essential that you find a health care provider (doctor or midwife) who is size-friendly and does not categorize you as high risk or subject you to unnecessary tests just because of your size.  It’s important that your health care provider be someone with whom you can talk openly and trust completely.  Ask questions and find someone you are comfortable with.  Make sure you’re comfortable not only with the doctor or midwife, but with the office staff as well.  A nurse who makes you miserable during weigh-ins can turn a prenatal visit into something you dread.
To read the rest of the tips and advice Brette shares with us in this issue, please read the full article at

Brette Sember is the co-author of Your Plus-Size Pregnancy: The Ultimate Guide for the Full-Figured Expectant Mom (Barricade Books) and owner of the web site  She is the plus-sized mom of two wonderful children.
Plus Styles Getting Hotter
by Yul Kwon at Missphit

Yul Kwon, at Missphit clothing, a trendy new plus size line based in Los Angeles speak to about this plus size fashion scene and about Missphit, an flourishing plus size clothing label.

Unflattering Plus size clothing for women is slowly going the way of neon headbands and biker shorts in the world of fashion.  Women requiring larger fits (size 14 and up) are finding more options when it comes to choosing their wardrobes.  Clothing companies and retailers have gotten smarter and are no longer viewing Plus clothing as a necessity to cover-up imperfections but rather embracing the view that Plus clothing can be fun and sexy for the larger woman. 

Missphit ClothingLos Angeles based Missphit is a Plus clothing line that shares this view.  With 20 years of serving the Plus size market, the company had started off providing more traditional styles to small Plus retailers and specialty chains.  “We used to make basic items aimed at women in their late thirties to fifties.” says Yul Kwon, Managing Partner of Gemix, Inc. and the Missphit label.  “However, as the years passed, we have seen a strong demand for younger, trendier looks.  Now it has gotten to the point where customers are kicking and screaming at us to make fashion forward designs.”  This demand has led Kwon to create the Missphit label in order to solely focus on the underserved segment of young or young-at-heart Plus shoppers.  As a sign of more mainstream retailers catching on, Missphit has recently received orders from department store mainstay Dillard’s.  Other hip brands such as Baby Phat and Apple Bottoms have already begun to offer trendy Plus styles through their powerful retail channels.

Research on the plus size market have for years shown the strong buying power of this market, yet most larger woman will tell you that they cannot find enough styles for their curvy shapes.  Estimates for 2005 show that 30% of the U.S. woman’s apparel market is Plus size with 47 billion dollars spent.  Many studies also indicate that the average size of American women is a 14 and that the majority of women in the U.S. wear a size 12 or above.  Despite the fertile territory in larger sizes, most clothing companies have still preferred to focus their design and sourcing resources on fitting the smaller woman.  This can be evidenced in most department stores where Woman’s (larger sized) sections are cast off to far corners of the shopping netherworld.  Should a larger woman finally find her section, the majority of the women are disappointed to find boring or out-dated styles.

The full article can be found at

You can find Missphit items sold in plus boutiques, online, and also Dillards deptartment stores. You can contact Missphit at .
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Plus size events

Events organised by Linda's BIG Connections
Details on all these events can easily be found at
  • Saturday, August 5th, 2006 - Saturday Night Dance - **O'HARE LOCATION
  • Saturday, August 12th, 2006 - Road Trip to Michigan BBW Bash
  • Saturday, August 19th, 2006 - Saturday Night Dance - **O'HARE LOCATION
Plus size planet party!
Toga party on Saturday, August 19th at Bert and Ernie's. Featuring 2 pool tables, ample parking, outdoor patio, full menu and great drink prices. Dance to hip hop, top 40's and dance music with the crew. Visit for more details.
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