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Plus Village

PlusVillage is a unique website featuring beautiful and reasonably priced plus-size clothing and accessories. It features the creations of a number of designers who understand what is means to be a large woman today. They attend business meetings, go on vacations, have secret rendezvous, go dancing, perform on stage and take long walks. Like us, these designers come from various walks of life and have different day-to-day experiences that make us who we are.

The PlusVillage designers have their products made in the U.S.A.; They are all small business owners who have followed their dreams to create clothing and accessories that make a difference; Truly thinking about the women that wear their creations.

PlusVillage is a special place where you matter the most.

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Rating: [4/5]
Order methods available? Online and telephone orders.
Methods of payment accepted? Major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), as well as money orders, PayPal and PlusVillage gift certificates.
Where can orders be delivered? U.S., Hawaii, Alaska, some U.S. Territories, and Canada.
Customer service contact? Plus Village customer care may be reached at: