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Looking for bras? - Looking for seamless underwear, bras, panties, sox, hosiery, pajamas, and lingerie? FreshPair might come in handy with an impressive selection of items in store, and at affordable prices too!

FreshPair carries hundreds of classical brands and designer names plus young, unique and innovative designers

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Rating: [3/5]
Order methods available? Online
Methods of payment accepted? Online, email, phone and fax orders. (Kindly refer to FreshPair web-site for detailed information).
Where can orders be delivered? Worldwide
Customer service contact? FreshPair customer care may be reached at:
Customer testimonials: "Great Service! Thanks!" - a FreshPair customer

"Excellent service...quick delivery, I received my package one full day ahead of when it was expected! Unbelievably good at Christmas time!" - a FreshPair customer