How to Get Rid of Severe Period Pain

By on April 24, 2013
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Period PainsAs most women know, menstrual cramps can be excruciatingly painful. On the worst days of your period, you may find it hard to stand up and probably feel like spending hours in bed. However, you may not realize that over-the-counter painkillers are not the only thing that can alleviate your suffering. Read on to discover five other effective and straightforward things that you can do to dramatically reduce the intensity of period pain.

1) Be careful about your position when lying down

When you are lying down, try to keep your knees bent and your legs elevated (using several pillows or cushions). This position reduces stretching of the pelvic muscles, and your cramps will usually be less severe as a result. If your period pain is mainly located in your back rather than your abdominal area, try lying on one side with your knees bent and your legs pulled up towards your chest. This position removes some pressure from your back, and this usually leads to a reduction in period pain as well.

2) Investigate taking hormonal contraceptives

Several studies on the effects of hormonal contraceptives (such as the combined pill and the implant) have shown that some women experience a dramatic reduction in period pain. However, this benefit comes most frequently and consistently from the combined pill, and it is vital to note that this pill is not suitable for everyone. For women who smoke, suffer from high blood pressure or experience visual migraines, the risks of taking the combined pill far outweigh any potential reduction in period pain.

3) Invest in a good heating pad

A heating pad can be placed against your lower abdomen, and some of these pads can also be attached using a belt (so that you do not have to worry about the pad sliding off when you posture changes). Heat almost invariably reduces the severity of period pain, so this would be a worthwhile purchase.

4) Gently massage your abdomen

Most women don’t want someone else touching their torso when they are bloated and sore, but massaging your own abdomen can sometimes help to reduce period pain. It is thought that this is because it encourages an increase in blood flow to the tired muscles of your torso, and better blood flow helps to provide your muscles with nutrients (as well as removing any acid produced by the overworked muscles).

5) Consider sexual stimulation (if you feel comfortable with it)

Some women could not be less interested in sexual activity when they are going through their monthly period, while others find that their sex drive is actually even higher than usual. If you do feel comfortable having sex or stimulating yourself, several studies have confirmed that the uterine contractions that accompany orgasms can help to 9ibstantially reduce the severity of period pain.

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