Flattering Hair and Makeup Tips for Every Face Shape

By on December 4, 2013
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We’ve all tried to mimic our favorite celeb’s hairstyle at some point, and realized with disappointment that it just doesn’t look the same on us. We all have differing face shapes, and the bob that looks great on Reese Witherspoon’s heart-shaped will not flatter your longer face in the same way.

The same goes for makeup; no makeup tip will ever work universally when there are so many different features and angles to compliment. I’m a huge advocate for choosing permanent makeup and hair styles for women that can work for them and their face shape for many years. If you can narrow down your ideal hair style and makeup foundations, you can be sure you’ll look your absolute best without even having to try. Here are the hair tips and makeup essentials for the four major face shapes.

Heart-Shaped Faces

This is a lovely face shape, with a narrower chin tapering up into a wider forehead. If you are not self-conscious about your forehead, a short pixie-styled cut may be perfect for you. Edgy layers and spikes leave plenty of room for others to admire your face shape, and your delicate chin helps balance out any harshness on top. If you’d rather go with a longer hair style, make sure you part your hair deeply to one side to allow your jawline some visibility.

As far as makeup goes, your eyebrows are important to emphasize in order to thin out your forehead. Thicken your eyebrows with a permanent makeup machine, and make sure they are straightened out rather than rounded.

Round Faces

plus size woman bigger but self-confidentMany women complain about their round faces, but it’s a versatile shape that is easy to compliment. You’ll want to opt for any asymmetrical style to thin out your face; anything with longer layers and an elegant sweep down one side will work beautifully. For short-hair lovers, you’ll want to try to keep your layers hugging your face or head. Too much volume can make your face appear rounder.

You’ll want to do everything you can to make your eyes pop, too, so get some white tattooed at the corners and along your lids to really open them up. Large eyes compliment a round face better than almost anything!

Square Faces

While this is a very powerful face shape to have, you may want to focus on softening it up a bit to keep a more feminine look. A feathered bob is perfect for accentuating your strong cheekbones, while softening your jawline. If you’d like to keep your long hair, make sure you continue to maintain lots of layers, especially ones that frame your face. Wavy locks are ideal for giving you an overall softer cut.

Keep all lines and shadow around your eyes circular, which will balance out your more angular features nicely.

Long Faces

This can be a troublesome face shape to make most haircuts work with. A foolproof option is blunt bangs across the forehead, with long straight locks underneath. This divides the face up, and creates an illusion of width across the face. If you’d rather have short hair, you can still make the bangs work with an edgy bob or short layers. Make sure your layers cup in towards your face, however, to give your roots a little more lift and your overall look a bit more volume.

Accent outer corners of your eyes with permanent makeup supplies to widen your look a bit and accentuate the top lids more than the bottom. This will help to divide up your length as well.

Don’t get down about your face shape if the cut you want won’t work for you. There are beautiful options for any face shape, and your most beautiful look is just around the corner if you do your research. Most importantly, make sure you understand what your own best features are, and what you can do to emphasize them and represent yourself beautifully.

Victoria Ramos studied business and now blogs about developments in the field, as well as her other interests. She loves shopping, socializing, hosting parties, decorating, and writing. For more information on how you can get your permanent makeup done, visit Nouveau Contour for their great products and services.

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