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FootSmart - Foot Care and Footwear Whether you’re standing up all day on the job, sightseeing on your latest trip or taking a morning walk, your feet work hard from morning to night, carrying you through work and play, from one place to another. If you’re not careful, however, you may start feeling the effects of overworked, under supported or improperly aligned feet, ankles, legs and knees… and sooner than you think! That’s where FootSmart comes in.

FootSmart, the largest direct retailer of foot and lower body healthcare products in the US, understands that when your feet hurt or are not properly cushioned or supported, your entire lower body can be negatively affected.

Online and via our mail-order catalog, FootSmart sells over 500 comfort, health and pain-relieving products designed to effectively improve your quality of life. FootSmart has been working to soothe or solve your lower body health related problems and discomforts since first opening its doors in 1989.

FootSmart cares about its customers, and has partnered with leading healthcare professionals to compile a group of carefully selected foot and lower body healthcare products. In addition, FootSmart’s relationship with The Podiatry Institute, a non-profit, educational foundation based in Atlanta, Georgia, also helps the company fulfill its mission to provide quality products to best meet your needs.

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Rating: [4/5]
Order methods available? Online
Methods of payment accepted? MasterCard, Visa, American Express and NOVUS (Discover).
Where can orders be delivered? U.S., Canada
Customer service contact? FootSmart customer care may be reached at:
Customer testimonials: "I am a returning customer. I am very satisfied with the selection and quality of the products I have purchased." - a FootSmart customer

"I am fully satisfied with foot-smart products and their service" - a FootSmart customer