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By on December 31, 2009
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Pin It interviews plus size fashion designer Anna Nicole for the second time, obtaining an update to the buzzing new line jahQoi.

Some of you might recall the initial interview held with plus size fashion designer Anna Nicole. Since that first interview, held about a year or so ago, much has happened with Anna Nicole and her plus size fashion line so we caught up with Anna Nicole once again to see what’s going on with her curvy line, as well as to get a sneak peek into what’s in store for this vibrant line.


First of all thank for accepting to hold this second interview with! I am certain our readers will love to get to know more about what you, and your fashion line, what you have been up to in the last year or so!

Pasazz: When we last interviewed you, your online retail store was called ANR Apparel. Now the full transition to Jahqoi, including a revamp of the website has taken place. Can you tell us how that went along?

Anna Nicole: We were looking to really focus in on our goal of becoming a design company that is known for affordable couture. We wanted to create a look for the site that would mesh well with this view, and a name that also followed suit. It took us some time to come up with the name and the look of the site, but we’re happy with it for now. We will be changing it again, not our name, but the look of the site. So make sure to keep Jahqoi bookmarked and check back from time to time to see the changes!

Pasazz: Also, I recall you had mentioned that the Jahqoi line plans to move into more things than solely apparel… things like accessories and lingerie. Is that still in the future plans for Jahqoi?

Anna Nicole: Oh yes!  We plan to add wide calf boots, comfortable sexy shoes, lingerie, loungewear, and leather handbags.  As soon as possible, we will move forward to that goal.

Pasazz: Some of the new styles you have added to the Jahqoi collection are very fashion forward, giving plus size women a chance to wear ‘different and not standard’ pieces of clothing, which are still very figure flattering. For instance your Veki and Edith knit tops come in a daring neckline; your Laura jacket and Uniya skirt are unique offerings to plus size women. These items to me look like they could be in the leading fashion runways! What are the concepts always you try to incorporate in the collection?

Anna Nicole: I love flare.. it just excites me and it feels good to wear something that sways when you walk. I love soft fabrics that incorporate style and comfort on equal levels. Other ideas include, a fitted silhouette with pockets in everything. I love feminine, detailed, tailored garments that can be worn at a variety of events.

Pasazz: Will it be Jahqoi’s mission, for the long term, to offer full figured women with fashion that really seems like it’s coming off the catwalk?

Anna Nicole: It is absolutely JahQoi’s mission to design collections that are style classic with high quality. I like to keep aware of the trends, but I do not like to create my whole collection based on trends. It’s a difficult task, but I like to create designs that aren’t dated, that can be worn for years to come. Although I do love to have designs that have the look of high fashion designs that could be shown on any catwalk.

Pasazz: We have been pleased to see that Jahqoi has recently been featured in TV interview on KTLA and NBC News. How did these interview come about, and will we be seeing more of Jahqoi in the limelight?

Anna Nicole: Well, KTLA reporter Gayle Anderson has interviewed my family before and so I have sort of known her for years. Cary Berglund of NBC news, we found via his website. We contacted him and he called us, saying he was very impressed with our line. He wanted to do a story on us for an human interest piece.  It was so exciting!  And I’m happy that we’re finally getting some much needed visibility.

Pasazz: What lays ahead for Jahqoi in 2007, and beyond?

Anna Nicole: 2007 is heating up… so this will be the year that we really become a well known designer name. We are also building up our collection to offer more styles. We’re going to add many more dresses, tops, and skirts.  We are also developing a premium jeans and t-shirt collection.

Pasazz: Women wanting to purchase Jahqoi clothing can currently do so online at Are there any other ways plus size women can take a look at and also purchase Jahqoi apparel?

Anna Nicole: We are working on getting in more retail stores. Our line has been carried at Vive La Femme in Chicago and Danni Roche in Detroit.  But at this time, customers may only purchase our items online.

Pasazz: Thanks Anna Nicole, for your time!

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