Plus Size Denim Trends for Winter 2009

It just may be the ultimate in comfort fabric. Who doesn’t dream of slipping on a pair of denim pants or a cut-off pair of denim shorts when they return home from work? Denim can take on so many forms from the ubiquitous, casual jean jacket worn on a weekend outing to a long denim skirt paired with boots for an afternoon affair. Just as fashion trends come and go, so do denim styles. Here are some of the most important denim trends for winter 2009.

Riley Wide Leg Trouser JeanDark Denim
There was a time when faded jeans were the rage but the tide has turned and dark denim has been rediscovered. The advantages of dark denim are considerable. While light, faded jeans are soft and fun to wear, dark jeans are less casual and can be worn for dressier occasions. Who doesn’t appreciate the slimming effect dark denim has on the legs and thighs? A pair of dark jeans in your closet means you don’t have to dress up to go out. Just slip on dark jeans and a stylish belt, add a sweater and some cool boots or heels and you have a figure flattering, “go anywhere” look. This is one trend you can’t live without.

Weathered Jeans
Although dark denim is a force in fashion this fall, the distressed look will also be hot, particularly on college campuses. This is one time you can really appreciate holes in your clothing. In fact, you can find online videos showing how to tastefully destroy jeans to give them that “lived in” look. Holes are hot and rips are even better. Add a few stains and blotches and you have the recipe for fall fashion success.

Wide Leg Jeans
The slim, skinny jean has been the prevailing style for the past season. Although the slim jean will still have its place in 2009 fall and winter wardrobes, wide leg denim will make its appearance for those who are ready for a change. If you happen to be short or carry most of your weight below the waist, a wide leg style can visually add pounds. To offset this, wear wide leg jeans with higher heels to add height and avoid styles that have cuffs which can make legs look shorter. If this look isn’t for you, never fear, you can still wear skinny jeans this fall and look fashionable.

However you choose to wear them jeans and denim are a classic that will never go out of style. Have fun wearing the new denim trends this fall!

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