Sunday, February 11, 2007 

Girls Night Out Parties by VWC

The Voluptuous Woman Company is celebrating 10 Voluptuous Years in 2007. It is so exciting to see a company which is always promoting a positive image of plus size women be so successful and remain operating in a grand way for such a long time! The Voluptuous Woman Company consistently promotes a positive image of larger women through fashion, networking events, seminars, etc.

A new addition to the services offered by The Voluptuous Woman Company has just been announced: Parties by VWC. If you are interested in learning more about this new and exciting service, or if you would like to schedule a party for your girlfriends feel free to email The Voluptuous Woman Company at .

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Monday, February 05, 2007 

How About Curves?

Every day I'm surprised by the multitude of choice plus size women have available to them nowadays. Perhaps the online market is much for plus size friendly than brick and mortar stores?

Although I'm aware and familiar with my plus size specialized stores, everyday I come across new stores, which offer something unique and different to any other store I was aware of.

Yesterday I came across what looks like another excellent source of plus size lingerie and intimate wear - Although I still have to try out the 'full customer experience' with, I can immediately tell they have something good going on!

The website navigation is very user friendly, and I love how all the models used are actually all plus sized and so normal looking, and I don't mean that in a negative way mind you! They are all very beautiful. I just want to point out how refreshing it is that plus size stores actually used plus size women to model their items. It makes it so much more of a pleasant shopping experience, and it goes to show that the people responsible for went that extra step to ensure the market they are targeting will feel comfortable and at home whilst browsing around. Well done indeed!

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Saturday, February 03, 2007 

IGIGI's Spring Collection Preview

IGIGI new Spring collection is just around the corner. From what I've heard, this new collection is bound to be IGIGI's hottest, therefore ladies we have something to look forward to, and I am sure IGIGI will not let us down!

This weekend we've been given a sneak peek into the new Spring collection, which gives us a small taste of the good things to come. IGIGI has launched a limited edition Spring dress: the Circle Print Wrap Dress. In this limited edition print, this dress screams out class and chic.

Fun meets funky in this geometric take on the classic wrap dress, which can be dressed up with a black coat, pumps, accessories and a small clutch bag. It can also be used in a more casual occasion if paired up with a fitted denim jacket, wedge shoes and a tote bag for instance. What a great piece and quite a steal for only $89.00!

Seeing the great dress, I can't wait to see what IGIGI have to offer in their new Spring collection!

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Loving My Curves: Issue #10 Out Now!

Earlier this week we have launched the revamped version of Loving My Curves. Issue #10 being the first to be released in the New Year, we wanted to give the newsletter a fresh and more stylish look.

If you somehow haven't received the latest issue, you can read the archived version of Loving My Curves here. However I urge you to subscribe to the newsletter today, not to miss any future issues! Subscribing to the newsletter is free and easy to do! Just fill out this short form.

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Thursday, January 18, 2007 

Golden Globes 2007 Get Curvy

As Liria Mersini reports this week at, it's great to see curvy women in Hollywood winning Golden Globes! This year we see America Ferrera from Ugly Betty, and Jennifer Hudson from Dreamgirls winning awards!

Okay, so many of you might say that these ladies are far from curvy, and indeed I do agree. However you have to give it up to the people in Hollywood for taking baby steps. These ladies have more meat than bones, and we're happy they're still getting the recognition they deserve! Well done to America Ferrera and Jennifer Hudson for winning Golden Globes this year, and for having impeccable fashion sense.

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Monday, January 15, 2007 

Have you read SKORCH?

If like me, you're a plus size fashionista who loves to get the inside scoop about anything plus size fashion related, you will be pleased to find about SKORCH! Launched this month, SKORCH is a brand new magazine made especially for the plus size women who love to dress sexy, shop, and enjoy life with curves. SKORCH magazine wants to help empower and inspire women to find that beauty within themselves they may not have realized was there.

SKORCH magazine is available for download, for free, at

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007 

Plus+ Movie

I ran across a lot of new stuff today which I have to share you with all. Now this one is a very interesting 'project' I ran into. It's called 'Plus+' and it's a short film created by Standard Grooming Productions.

So what's the movie about? It's about Victoria, a once a top plus-size model, who has seen her fortunes change since the industry shifted to 'padding up' thinner models to make their torsos appear large while retaining their toned arms and chiseled features. With bankruptcy looming and her confidence shattered, Victoria's only hope of regaining her former glory and her financial independence hinges on the Gamble Girl audition. But Tiffany, the current top plus-size model who despises fat people, will stop at nothing to be the next Gamble Girl.

Watch trailer of this, what look like it's going to be, a very interesting and eye opening short film today. In the meantime I am trying to find out whether this movie is still in production, and if not where I can get my hands on it, to watch the full version. If anyone knows anything I might be missing please let me know!

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Australia's Curvy Lingerie 2007 Calendar

If you're still looking around for a plus size themed 2007 calendar, I have just discovered another interesting option which you should take a look at. A new calendar which features beautiful full figured women from Australia and which has a 'lingerie and intimate apparel' theme to it. So if you are perhaps looking for something different, you might want to take a look at this lingerie themed 2007 curvy calendar which was created by the Bella Model Management.

As stated on the website, all the ladies featured in the calendar have a healthy BMI and range from size 12 through to size 18, showing women everywhere that glamor and beauty have nothing to do with dress size!

What's very good to know also is that 20% of all profits generated from this calendar will go to various eating disorder foundations and clinic's around Australia to continue the fight for women's health and self esteem. What a great initiative indeed.

So check out Australia's answer to a curvy 2007 calendar, and if you want to take a look at the making of the calendar itself, watch this video.

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World of Size

I'm always glad to see new websites open up which are geared to plus size women and men. Whether they are fashion stores, blogs, networking sites, or anything else... I think it's a very positive sign that plus size women and their admirers are opening up, making their voice heard.

A very cool, and I suspect very fresh, website which I ran into today is Nation of Size. Now this is a website with a difference! They are calling themselves 'the size friendly video network' and they offer a different video every day of the week, which tackles a different topic each day. Your host Petey, is a very bubbly character, who I think is doing an amazing job.

I watched today's video, from the 'People of Size on Stage' series, which showcases Vanessa Conde who trained in opera, and is a regular in the house music scene. I really suggest you visit Nation of Size today, add it to your bookmarks and also sign up to the network to keep yourselves updated with news and upcoming items.

By the way... I love the opening jingle! It's very catchy and I'm finding myself humming it this morning. Good job Petey... keep it up!

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Friday, January 05, 2007 

Lane Bryant Catalog is Changing to Woman Within

As previously announced, the Lane Bryant Catalog® is changing to Woman Within®, a new name and yet the same great comfort still remains in sizes up to 44W!

To celebrate this great event, Woman Within is giving us the opportunity to take 30% off 1 item through January 31, 2007. Use code LB7461 at checkout.

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Saturday, December 30, 2006 

Missphit Launches Website!

Missphit, the thriving plus size clothing line for curvy fashionistas, has this month launched it's website which you can access at I have been long awaiting the launch of Missphit's website; knowing first hand the great plus size fashion Missphit provide, I couldn't wait for their website to be available, so that all curvy ladies would be able to read more about this clothing line, as well as take a look at the styles available. The website is very well laid out and gives an overall introduction to the Missphit line; their current line and new styles are showcased as well, giving you a good look at the type of items available. A mailing list is also available, and I encourage ladies to sign up, in order to be kept informed of news from Missphit. The website also details where you can find and purchase Missphit clothing.

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Monday, December 11, 2006 

New Hot Holiday Fashions

Abby Z and Dominique DeSentino's holiday apparel are the latest offerings being offered for trendy plus size women on the web's newest full figured fashion shopping website, is a designer clothing boutique which is setting the winter runway ablaze with hot designer plus size fashion from two top designers.

"I am very pleased to add Abby Z and Dominique DeSentino to my collection. Both of these talented designers know how to design for a plus size woman's body," explains Baum, founder of, herself a former plus size model. "When you put on an Abby Z dress or a DeSentino blouse, you can feel the difference. Their clothing may be expensive but you will love how you look and feel in them, and that feeling is priceless."

The designers' holiday pieces feature graceful lines, sexy colors, intricate detail and superior construction to make curvy women feel feminine and confident. In addition to the new holiday designs from DeSentino and Abby Z,'s boutique collection of trendy plus size clothes also features designer plus size fashion from Jessica Svoboda, Gayla Bentley and Marisa Christina. Visit today and add this excellent new online store to your favorites... I just did!

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Friday, December 08, 2006 

Melissa Hill named IGIGI's Model of the Month

As previously noted in this blog, IGIGI is running the National Model Search program, where each month they pick a winner among the many entries to this plus size model search. In December, IGIGI has named Melissa Hill as the winner of the National Model Search. Big congrats to Mellisa! Visit IGIGI to find out more about the National Model Search.

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Monday, December 04, 2006 

Missphit: Curvy Fashion Line with a Sparkle

Maintaining the plus size clothing directory,, gives me the opportunity to get to know several people within the plus size fashion industry. A few months ago, I got to know Yul Kwon, who is the managing director of a budding 'new' plus size fashion line called Missphit. I have mentioned Missphit on and even Loving My Curves, in past weeks, however today I wanted to shine the spotlight on Missphit a little bit further.

Recently I had the opportunity to take a first hand look at the plus size clothing styles offered by Missphit, and I must say I was very impressed. With impeccable quality and a fun yet sophisticated style, Missphit items have the ability to add that extra special sparkle in every plus size woman's wardrobe. In a new article published today, I review a couple of Missphit items, which made a lasting impression with yours truly.

Having taken a sneak peek into the upcoming Spring 2007 collection to be offered by Missphit, I can safely say that many exciting things are on the way for us in 2007. We will definitely keep you updated with all that is happening at Missphit throughout the New Year, including news on the imminent launch of a brand new Missphit website.

In the meantime, take a closer look at the fabulous plus size clothing styles offered to us by Missphit.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006 

Tyra Banks Crowns New Plus Size Beauty

As I'm sure many of you have already heard, retired catwalk star Tyra Banks, hosted a contest for plus size beauties yesterday during her talk show. America's Next Top Model host has said that "You do not have to be super stick skinny in order to model." The voluptuous beauties who entered this contest, strutted their stuff yesterday on the TYRA show, fighting for the chance to show off their bodies and be named the winner! Among the judges of the contest, present were Mia Tyler, Josh Morrow and Ruben Studdard.

The first Top Plus-Size Model winner was Marguerite Brown, who weighs 218 pounds! Besides having the honor of being the first plus size woman to be crowned Top Plus-Size Model on the TYRA show, Marguerite won a photo spread opportunity with the new Bombshell magazine, as well as a $1,000 shopping spree and a one-year contract with top modelling agency Wilhelmina Models.

Well done Marguerite! You truly deserve your new title. And an even bigger well done to Tyra Banks who is showing her support to plus size models and full figured women worldwide, proving to us all, once again, that big is indeed beautiful and worthy of being on the front covers of magazines!

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Monday, November 13, 2006 

Plus Size Fashion Designers to Admire

When we go to watch a movie at the cinema, we rarely stop and think about all that took place behind the scenes to make the movie possible; the same often happens when we are out and about shopping for clothes, we seldom think about the person who actually created the clothes we buy.

Perhaps, some might not think it very useful to know the background of the people designing the clothes we wear, however I find it interesting and intriguing to get to know more and dig a little deep into the fabric. Just like getting to know what inspires a writer to put thoughts and ideas into words, it is fascinating to me to find out the passions and inspirations of those who design and create the beautiful clothes we wear.

That is why I am today taking a closer look at three unique and intriguing plus size fashion designers, in a bid to bring you a little step closer to those designing the awesome plus size fashions we have available on the market nowadays. Knowing 'where your clothes come from', like a piece of art, will make you cherish them more.

Yuliya Zeltser of IGIGI
A fashion designer born and raised in Ukraine, Yuliya felt the need to provide full figured women with beautiful clothing, when she saw how hard it was for her own mother to find clothes in her size that made her feel like a gorgeous and chic woman. Through IGIGI Yuliya is now able to provide plus size women with clothes which not only make them feel beautiful, but which also accentuate their figure. Yuliya designed from the heart and is also sometimes inspired from her travels around the world and the United States.

Monif of Monif C. Plus Sizes
A very artistic person at heart, Monif C. saw the need plus size women had for stylish and sexy clothing, and embarked on a mission to satisfy this need, and dare we say, Monif is doing a pretty good job at it! Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Monif is inspired by life and her dreams. Her aim is to provide curvy women with colorful plus size fashion which makes them feel stylish, inspired, luxurious and sexy.

Anna Nicole of Jahqoi
Anna Nicole is a rising star in the pus size fashion scene. Coming from Detroit, Michigan, but currently residing in California, Anna began sewing clothes at the tender age of 12. In June 2004 Anna launched ANR apparel as an online retail store, to give curvy women more choices of plus size clothing. She has recently moved the retail site over the newly renamed Jahqoi site. Jahqoi when spelled correctly means: 'I believe' in French. Anna's passion is contemporary, modern, sassy styles.

It is interesting, getting to know a little more about plus size fashion designers and the inspirations behind the clothes we wear. There is a lot more than fabric to a dress, more which can turn a beautiful dress into a meaningful work of art.

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Thursday, November 09, 2006 Just Launched

Redcats USA, the company operating renowned leaders in the plus size apparel market Woman Within, Roaman's, Jessica London and KingSize, has today announced the launch of, an online store which is set to become the first and only plus size fashion mall of its kind online.

Specializing in sizes 12W to 44W looks like it's going to combine the apparel and accessories available at Woman Within, Roaman's, Jessica London and KingSize into one online fashion mall for anyone wearing plus sizes.

I like the concept of a one stop shopping mall, where anyone can find all the items already available at these four leading store under one 'roof'. Taking a look around the website itself it is already evident that this is set to be a success with lots of options available, even a shoe shop including styles in sizes 6 yo 14 in M, W and WW.

I like the concept of, I love anything that can save me time running around from store to store. Finding all under one roof will be heaven! I'm sure it is set to be a success. Visit today and read more about the new store here.

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006 

Plus Size Divas for a Cause

On Saturday, 2nd December, 2006 at 7pm, Michelle's of New York Plus Size boutique will be presenting a fabulous fashion show presentation featuring plus size fashions from the unique designer line IGIGI.

Make up artist icons Jamie Austin and Stephanie Johnson will be turning the models into glamorous beauty queens for the evening as they lend their talent for this event... all to help the Islip Breast Cancer Coalition. The Islip Breast Cancer Coalition is a grassroots volunteer organization, founded in 1996 by a group of women committed to helping people in their community diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

100% of auction proceeds will go directly to the Islip Breast Cancer Coalition. What a great event indeed! Find out for information here and do mark this date down in your diaries, try and make it to the show if you are in the area.


Sunday, November 05, 2006 

Avenue named November's Store of the Month

November's Store of the Month, nominated by, is definitely a familiar name with many of you out there: Avenue. We thought Avenue deserved to be names this month's most prestigious plus size clothing store due to the excellent options and shopping experience they provide to plus size women. Providing a wide variety of styles in sizes 14 to 32, Avenue is truly a winner. Find out more about the reasons behind Avenue being named November's Store of the Month.


Friday, October 27, 2006 

Lane Bryant Catalog Reveals New Name: Woman Within

Yesterday Lane Bryant Catalog announced that it will change it's name to "Woman Within". The company is stressing that only the name is changing, everything else stays the same, "Woman Within" should be a familiar name, as it has been a successful plus size women's clothing and intimates catalog for the past 15 years. To be quite honest though, this name is very new to my ears!

I quite like this new name, as the press release says: "The name Woman Within feminizes our offer, symbolizing inner awareness, the 'woman inside."

For more information please visit


Wednesday, October 25, 2006 

Loving My Curves: Issue 6 out now!

The latest issue of our plus size clothing newsletter, which is mailed out to curvy women twice a month, was sent out last week! You can view an archived version of the newsletter here, however don't you think it's be a better idea for you to start receiving Loving My Curves straight in your inbox?

We have some great items, and prizes, lined up for you ladies in the coming weeks especially for the upcoming Christmas holiday season, so do not miss another issue. Sign up today... it's free!

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Sunday, October 22, 2006 

Dove Campaigning for Real Beauty

It's a breath of fresh air to see a company working for a truly positive cause. And when that cause is to help women and girl worldwide to build up their self-esteen and recognise their tru beauty, definitely puts a smile to my face. I'm sure most of your have seen those Dove commercials were real women are shown being comfortable with their own bodies. Dove seems to be investing a lot into these initiative launching the Campaign for Real Beauty and more recently, the Dove Self Esteem Fund.

I urge you to visit these links, learn more about Dove's initiatives and check out the abundance of information and resources available at these sites. Moreover, share these links with your friends, family, colleagues and everyone you can about as this truly gets you thining.

One item which you definitely should not miss checking out the video which is currently highlighted on the main page of This 1 minute short film reveals the illusions behing the "beauty" we see everyday in the media. It's a little reminder that even supermodels do not looks like supermodels.

Finally a company making some sense!


Friday, October 13, 2006 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Having recently lost a dear aunt to breast cancer, it is truly great to see all the awareness campaigns running this month around websites, shops, street and even online stores. I truly hope more and more women become more aware of this deadly disease, and become better equipped with knowledge as to what they can do to prevent this disease and catch is early.

Bare Necessities this month has partnered with Wacoal in supporting breast cancer awareness and research. For every Wacoal bra bought at Bare Necessities through October 16, Bare Necessities will donate $2. The donations will benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Research. For more information visit Bare Necessities and check out the details.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006 

Vegas Bee Costume Out of Stock!

I have just received word from our dear friends at Hips and Curves, informing me that our number 7 pick in the Top 10 Plus Size Halloween Costumes list is now out of stock! It was that cute. As an alternative we suggest you check out cute Pink Organza Winged Fairy, which is currently also featured on the front page of Hips and Curves. If you want a really unique costume, mix and match a pair of fairy wings with any one of the plus size corsets or bustiers found at Hips and Curves.



Ulla Popken named October Store of the Month

I am very excited this month to name Ulla Popken as our Store of the Month for October. This is a great store, which I wanted to share with all the curvy ladies visiting Perhaps not at well known as it's other online counterparts, Ulla Popken started off in Europe around 30 years ago, and now has over 500 specialist stores worldwide. The clothes you will find at Ulla Popken are synonymous with style and quality. Find out exactly why we named Ulla Popken as October's Store of the Month.


Sunday, October 08, 2006 

Jean Paul Gaultier and Plus Size Velvet d'Amour Raise Debate

It is very interesting, and perhaps also somewhat expected, to see that the appearance of Velvet d'Amour on the runway during the Paris Fashion week is raising a hot debate.

I will be the first one to admit that I have never heard of Velver d'Amour before; however I already admire her. She is Jean Paul Gaultier's US born and Paris based runway "star" who made one memorable exit during the 2006 Paris Fashion week.

In an interview held by The Sydney Morning Herald, one easily notices that the bubbly Velvet d'Amour's one ane only mission is to push size acceptance along and help the diversity of beauty. This is her main goal in life; an honorable one indeed, and one that I myself share.

However when reading a related article over at entitled 'Designer Jean-Paul Gaultier: No Friend to Fat Girl', one might think whether this plus size model's appearance on the Paris runways server another purpose. Writer Candy Kane argues that,
"Although Gaultier may have used her once to emphasize his outsider status, she was merely a punctuation mark to make an insider joke."
Candy continues to argue that if our dear Gaultier really wanted to make a point and a statement, he would invest in his own plus size fashion line, instead of just parading plus size models on the runway.

Thinking about it, although I do admire Velvet d'Amour, I'm afraid Candy does have a point there! It is not enough, we'll believe it all when top fashion lines are available also in plus sizes, and we can actually wear those clothes!

What do you think?


Tuesday, October 03, 2006 

Curvy Halloween Costumes at Henry and June

Following our piece last week on the Top 10 Plus Size Halloween Costumes, we come back again this week to update you a little bit on the Halloween related plus size costumes available to us. This time we're looking at Henry and June.

Although Henry and June is primarily a lingerie retailer, they have a great selection of Halloween costumes which are good for both those playful, intimate moments, as well at others! In fact Henry and June have over 200 Halloween costume style available, and I truly recommend you take a look at this selections! This so much choice we're certain you will find something to suit your fancy!


Monday, October 02, 2006 

New Website and New Collection from Monif C

Have you checked out the new collection available from Monif C and the new website Monif C have just released? If you haven't yet, check the new and improved Monif C website today. It has been upgraded and revamped for a better customer experience. Plus, the new 'Rebel Colors Collection' is one not to miss. If you want to make a lasting impression, check these styles out! Monif C is also currently offering free domestic ground shipping... sound good to us.


Sunday, October 01, 2006 

IGIGI to Bring New Faces to Plus-size Modeling

IGIGI, today announced the launch of a brand new, national plus-size model search in partnership with Model Service Agency, LLC, scheduled to start today and end in September 2007. IGIGI will run the contest entitled National Model Search on its website in order to select the model of the year out of the twelve model-of-the-month winners.

Entrants will have a chance to apply on IGIGI website between 12:01 AM on the 1st of the month and 11:59 PM on the last day of the current month and the winner of the month will be announced by the 25th of the following month. For entrants who apply between October 1st and October 31st, the winner will be announced on the website by November 25th. More information can be found under promotions section at DeVoe Signature Events, and Divine Magazine will also be major contributors throughout the contest.

“We are extremely excited about this contest” said Yuliya Zeltser, IGIGI Founder. “At IGIGI, we have always been very conscious of using models that are truly representative of the curvaceous beauty out there in the community, and it has tremendously helped us establish and maintain a strong rapport with our customers. As a designer, I think it is very important that we continue to scout fresh, new faces that our customers can identify with.”

Furthermore, Model Services Agency will provide the model of the year with a one year modeling contract, a free photo test with a top photographer in New York, dinner for two, and theater tickets. IGIGI will award her with a $500 IGIGI gift certificate and participation in an IGIGI photo shoot with professional models, and run a feature article about the winner on its website. In addition, she will have a consultation session with model guru Catherine Schuller of, modeling coaching by DeVoe Signature Events and the opportunity to appear as a special runway guest in their Dangerous Curves Tour.

“This is a great opportunity for all aspiring models out there” said Anthony Higgins, Director of Model Services Agency. “There is a huge demand for plus-size models, and we are delighted to partner IGIGI to discover new faces for the industry.”

Based in the heart of San Francisco, IGIGI designs, manufactures, and distributes apparel and accessories for fashion-loving women sizes 14-32. IGIGI understands and strives to fulfill the needs and desires of the under-represented modern, voluptuous customer. IGIGI apparel and accessories can be found online at, as well as at specialty boutiques and stores.

Visit the IGIGI website today for more detailed information and to apply for this contest!



IGIGI Boutique Now Open!

IGIGI has this weekend opened a showroom / boutique in downtown San Francisco; IGIGI invite all curvy women in the area (and beyong) to give them a visit and see their new styles.

Here is the new IGIGI boutique's address:

IGIGI showroom
1545 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

The showroom will be open Wednesday through Saturday from 11am to 7pm.

Shown below is one of IGIGI's models, Ofelia Slater, visiting the showroom; on this picture she is together with Megan (sales associate for the showroom) and Jenn (IGIGI graphic designer).


Saturday, September 30, 2006 

New Fall Precision Collection at Kiyonna

Kiyonna has continued adding more plus size fall fashion items to their stock... and the new sophisticated clothes are really worth a closer look! These new clothes have a structured look to them, a look which is dominating the fall fashion season, with military inspirations, smart tailoring and organic prints.

There are two items I have my eye on, and cannot seemt to coming to a decision... which one should I get?

I have fallen in love with the Poet Sleeved Faux Wrap Drap Dress. It is beautiul and romantic. Besides, the cut of the dress makes is a curve accentuator, which is exactly something I look out for in all my clothes.

Then there is the Military Wrap Dress in Merlot... I simply adore the color, it's different and one which is not very common, therefore this dress is definitely made to make anyone who wears it stand out. It's has an air of sophisticated chic-ness.

Help! I am undecided!

But I am sure I am not alone, anyone who looks at the new Kiyonna additions, is bound to be confused as to what to buy!


Thursday, September 28, 2006 

What Curvy Girls Should Wear on a Dinner Date

When preparing to go out, I often decide beforehand what I'd want to wear. However the times that I actually end up wearing what I had initially decided I'd wear are very very slim! Whilst dressing up, I start thinking that this and the other don't go together, or these colors don't match and so on an so forth. Sometimes deciding on what's best to wear is an ordeal, and it's even more of a nightmare when it's an important occassion... like a date!

IGIGI's lifestyle corner have recently published a very interesting article which gives plus size women style tips and ideas on what best to wear when going on a dinner date. Whether you are a working girl, a shopisticated cat, or an adventurous maven, check this article out as it has a ton of ideas, which will hopefully make your dressing up for a date ritual a more relaxed one!


Wednesday, September 27, 2006 

New items available at SizeAppeal

Yeay! I love looking at new clothes, and SizeAppeal today have done a great job in satisfying my eyeballs and internet shopping habits. :-) In fact SizeAppeal have added a great selection of new plus size tops and dresses to their stock. They look good for the fall, and some look especially suited for the upcoming holiday season. This is my favorite of them all here on the left...

More new stuff at SizeAppeal.


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