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We’re back again today to bring you even more plus size swimwear style tips from the experts! We started off this series by having Jeanne from Always For Me and Vanessa from Kiyonna share their curvy swimwear style secrets.

Meieli Sawyer from

Meieli Sawyer

Today we have the immense pleasure of having’s very own plus size fashion guide Meieli Sawyer share with us her swimwear style secrets. So without further ado, let’s dive into the interview… What should a plus size woman keep in mind when choosing a swimsuit?
Meieli from I think it’s important to be true to your body type. I love bandeau bikinis, but they won’t support my bust or stay up in the surf, because I am larger up top. If you want a swimsuit that lasts, and that you feel comfortable wearing, it’s important to balance your taste with your needs. Instead of buying that bandeau, I might try a twist-front bikini top with halter straps — plus underwire. Which, do you think, are the 3 most flattering swimsuit styles for a full figured woman?
Meieli from It really depends on your unique shape, but there are groups of swimsuit types that look better on most of us. While our smaller-framed friends might not look great in high-waisted bikini bottoms, they look smashing on many of us. Any swimsuit works when it has adjustable ruching, since we can use that to “mold” the swimsuit around our curves. Lastly, a great one-piece with boy shorts is lovely for concealing stretch marks and cellulite. You can always pop a short swimskirt on over it, too. Which are this season’s hottest swimwear colors?
Meieli from You can’t go wrong with brights like orange and coral. Greens and blues are great choices as well, and you can also mix any of these colors with another trend of the season: prints, both floral and geometric. Would you encourage full figured women to wear colorful swimsuits, also with prints?
Meieli from Absolutely. If you don’t want to wear a printed swimsuit, try a solid one, and then experiment with printed cover-ups and sarongs instead. If you like tankinis and bikinis, you can also trying a mismatched look, with a printed top, for example, and a solid bottom that picks up the pattern’s main color up above.

Monif C Monaco Plus Size Swimsuit

Monaco Swimsuit from Monif C. What accessories would you suggest, to complement a swimsuit, for a beach perfect outfit?
Meieli from I like functional accessories for the beach. Try a bright (waterproof) watch, a big sun hat, or a headscarf. If you don’t swim and you just want to look sexy, experiment with lightweight wooden earrings and bangles. Which are you very favorite swimsuit styles for 2001?
Meieli from I like one-piece swimsuits with slight cutaways. You might think I’m crazy, but take a look at Monif C.’s totally hot “Monaco” swimsuit, with a little peek-a-boo right under the bust! Another style I like is the ruffled swimsuit. I like a few ruffles around the backside to make my waist look smaller, and it’s a cute way to have your swimsuit stand out. Lastly, I am always a fan of longline, retro-style swimsuits with halter necks for added support. What advice would you give to plus size women who do not feel comfortable enough to hit this beach and poolside this summer?
Meieli from I think there are many ways to flatter your body and still spend time by the pool or at the beach. Pop on a one-piece swimsuit first, and then get a knee-length sarong that you can tie around your midsection in a way that’s most comfortable. For more upper body coverage, look for a generous, lightweight cover-up with short sleeves that can be cropped or cut to hit the waistline of your sarong. If you experiment with enough looks, you can find something that suits you. You need to be willing to try new styles, though. First go to beaches or pools where you are most comfortable. Surround yourself with other adventurous, fashionable women and body-positive people when you start experimenting with your poolside fashion, and you’ll quickly gain more confidence.

I want to thank this opportunity to thank Meieli for sharing her curvy swimwear style tips with us!

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