Introducing Cassaundra’s Clothing Boutique

Today I’d like to introduce you to a new plus size designer I stumbled upon on meet Cassaundra Bourne, owner and designer of Cassaundra’s Clothing Boutique. Cassaundra took some time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions for, read below to find out more about CC Boutique and how Cassaundra customizes her styles to suit every client’s individual needs:

CCB Could you tell us a bit more about your collection, the CCB Collection?
Cassaundra: CCB Collection features dresses that have classic lines: sheath, A-line and wrap style made from matte jersey. I chose matte jersey for this collection because it’s gorgeous fabric and has a comfortable stretch; it wears beautifully without clinging. What makes my collection unique is that each style has customizable variations (hem and sleeve length and neckline shape). The dresses are made to order and allow each woman to choose details that meet her own personal style. My complete collection is available at Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?
Cassaundra: I started sewing when I was about 9 years old. Stitch by stitch, I sewed my first shirt by hand and learned how to use a sewing machine a few years later. In my teens I started making clothes for my friends and at age 21, on a dare from a friend, I went on an interview with a top fashion designer in Boston. Much to my surprise, I was hired as his apprentice. The opportunity to hone my craft under the tutelage of such an accomplished designer was both a blessing and an advantage. 5 years later I branched out on my own and opened an Haute Couture Boutique, designing for many of Boston’s “Who’s Who”. In 2006 I closed my business and moved to the south with my husband and two children. After an almost five year leave from the fashion business, I discovered that nothing (work related) was as satisfying as what I now understand is my true passion.

CCB CollectionI was ready to design a line of clothing that represented where I was in my life. Celebrating my 40th birthday and memorializing the one year anniversary of losing my father gave me a new perspective on life. I spent my entire career in fashion designing for other people. This collection represents the woman that I am and what I like to wear. I am a plus size woman with a bend towards classic lines; this collection is a peak into my closet. I developed my line and began selling it on ebay. The overwhelming response to my collection has inspired me to develop a CCB store which I have hopes to launch fall of 2011. When did you start designing fashions, and what was your inspiration?
Cassaundra: I started designing for other people as early as my teens. The majority of my career in fashion was spent designing for my clients; my inspiration came from their needs. As I listened to my clients describe what they wanted, design idea’s would begin to form. I would have to find the just right fabric first before I could complete the design. My inspiration almost entirely starts with fabric and the design ultimately comes from that point. What was the main inspiration behind the CCB Collection?
Cassaundra: The main inspiration behind my CCB Collection is my love of simple clean lines and great fabric. Beautiful fabric is my muse and that is always where my process starts. This collection is based on the use of matte jersey; I sing its praises because it’s so forgiving. One of my biggest (fashion) pet peeves is seeing plus size women wearing clothes that are too big. I think that the most important thing a plus size woman can do (fashion related) is wear clothes that are the correct size. A plus size woman does not need to hide her curves under layers of fabric but present herself with style.

CCB Why did you feel you have to expand your collection to include plus sizes?
Cassaundra: I didn’t give a second thought to expanding my line to include plus sizes. Most of my line was designed with plus sizes in mind. Do you ship only to the US?
Cassaundra: I offer free shipping to USA & Canada and I ship worldwide for a minimal additional charge. What can we expect in the future from Cassaundra’s Clothing Boutique?
Cassaundra: My vision for Cassaundra’s Clothing Boutique is to open my own internet store in the fall of 2011. My hope is to expand the customization options to allow woman more control in the design process so they can wear clothes that represent their own style.

Thank you so much Cassaundra for taking the time to answer these questions for us! We wish you all the very best for the future and we cannot wait to see more of your designs and collections in 2011 and beyond.