Halloween Costumes from Torrid

Plus Size Halloween Costumes at TorridIf you are still looking around for a plus size Halloween costume, and perhaps you haven’t been satisfied with what you’ve seen yet, then I suggest you give Torrid a little visit.

Although Torrid does not specialize in plus size Halloween costumes, this time of the year they always roll out a special collection of costumes, made to flatter the curvy figure. The costumes they offer are fun, stylish, and sexy… plus the fact that their selection consists of just eight excellent costumes, makes your choice oh so easier! Though you might be thinking… but doesn’t that restrict my choice? I actually think not… sometimes when shopping online, and there’s too much to choose from, I tend to get confused! So think of curvy Halloween costume shopping at Torrid, as the place where you have the cream of the crop laid out in front out you. The costumes shortlisting has already been carried out, so all you have to do is pick your choice from the best option available. It’s that easy.

Here is a run down of the eight fun costumes Torrid has prepared for plus size women this year:

  • Gangster costume
  • Cop costume
  • Sailor costume
  • Witch costume
  • Pirate costume
  • Nurse costume
  • School Girl costume

So this year, do not get caught without a costume. Make sure you select your favorite, and if you’d like to give your costume the complete look, then do check out the vast accessories Torrid also has to offer, to match the costumes. This will ensure your look is complete to stun and impress!

Happy Halloween :-)