Plus Size Clothes for Girls

by Sarah on August 30, 2007

in Plus Size in the News

I a couple of weeks ago I ran across a plus size clothing store I had never visited before, and this one was indeed a store with a difference. Specializing in plus size clothes for girls aged 7 to 12, It Chick Clothes, has made it their mission to make plus size clothing for girls that is anything but boring!

It Chick Clothes was founded by Emily Palit and Chatherine Price, after they realized that only a limited number of girls can actually wear ‘standard sizes’ at most retailers. So they joined forced to create a shopping experience for girls which is fun, and stylish. Their collection includes dresses, top, skirts and trousers, which are fun and colorful. It Chick Clothing

Recently I had a quick chat with Emily, one of the founders, who was kind enough to give us more of a closer look at It Chick Clothes.

What inspired you to create It Chick Clothes?
We both love clothes and fashion, and we saw a need for girls who were being left out of the fun clothes that "other girls" were wearing. The girls we’ve spoken to have used the words "other girls" when describing what they want to wear; you can hear that they feel marginalized. There’s a catch-22 for these larger girls: they’re told they can wear the trendier clothes if they lose weight, but this is pretty discouraging. In contrast, we want girls to feel good in our clothes, no matter how much they weigh. We love the lit up faces that we see on girls who wear our clothes.

How long has this online store been in existence?
We started on eBay two years ago, and we opened in early 2006.

Do you ship internationally?

What’s the main goal behind this one of a kind online store?
Our goal is to offer really cute clothes for girls 7 to 12 who may have a harder time shopping at traditional retailers. The end goal is to offer the same styles in the right sizes for our clients. The thing is that these retailers offer "half sizes," but some of our clients need a much bigger waist size than a half size bigger.

Visit It Chick Clothes today to take a closer look at this great store.

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