Travel tips for your next vacation from IGIGI – part one

IGIGI always send the most beautifully laid out and interesting emails! Always full of useful tips. Here is their latest, they are calling these the ‘Travel Savvy Tips for Your Next Vacation‘ (part 1):

  1. Reading material: Make sure to stock up on great magazine for the plane and a juicy book for the beach.

  2. Packing tricks: Try rolling all your items for a tighter fit and slide a few things into your shoes for better use of space. Another smart things is to put anything that could leak in a plastic bag. Nobody wants to option a lotion soaked suitcase. And for all those goodies from your trip, stack inside your case an empty medium size duffle bag.
  3. Beach essentials: Don’t forget sunblock, a big fun straw hat and a fabulous pair of sunglasses. No one want to burn on their first day out!
  4. The in-flight meal: Not many airlines feed you anymore and a girl cannot survive on peanuts alone. So remember to bring along some munchies, but avoid salty foods that might bloat you.
  5. Cheating the jet-lag blues: An airplane can be very dry and nasty with its recycled air. Did you know that an air flight can dehydrate you by almost 20%! We recommend drinking eight ounces of extra water for every hour on the plan to avoid this. Also take along your handy tube of Airborne. It can be found at most drugstores and can help you ward off any in-flight germs.
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