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Sexy Halloween Costumes - Always Said No? Some Reasons to Say Yes!

by Keith Sinclair
Choosing a sexy costume to wear this Halloween is a great way of changing your persona and can be like a lightening bolt to any relationship. If you've always thought that these costumes were for other people and not for you, ask yourself the question; 'why should I miss out on all the fun?'

Firstly, sexy doesn't always mean tacky. There are some extremely elegant and sexy fancy dress costumes and more and more manufacturers and design houses are creating costumes to emphasis femininity rather than slavishly seeking male appeal through the lowest common denominator. Most of these new designs are based on the heroines' costumes taken from blockbuster movies – think of Trinity in the Matrix in long flowing black PVC coat with anonymous hairstyle and sunglasses. Incredibly sexy but allowing a degree of anonymity to the wearer. Alternatively think Helen of Troy or any Greek Goddess, who would deny the overall appeal of a long flowing white robe with the correct level of accessories and wig.

So why are you nervous about choosing a sexy costume from the hundreds of different styles and designs available? The most common reason for never selecting a sexy costume is plain and simple fear. The fear of being rejected. The fear of being made to feel silly. Or the worst of the bunch, the fear of being laughed at. And all because you wanted to indulge a latent fantasy.

With Halloween fast approaching it's time to confront these fears in a positive manner using some simple to follow steps.

Firstly, if you have a partner, talk to them about wanting to try a sexier costume this year. See what their feelings are, you may be surprised by the reaction and you may discover that they have their own costume fantasies. Don't forget fantasy role play is a great way of maintaining a healthy life balance.

If your partner is less than enthusiastic, discuss with them what they would consider you wearing as being acceptable. Use this to then set the parameters for selecting your sexy costume. Agreed, it may not be quite the costume you thought but it will be a start and something to build upon. So having agreed on the idea of wearing a sexy costume, you now need to buy one (or more).

This process can be just as nerve wrecking but the availability of many good internet based retail outlets can relieve you of any lingering embarrassment. Remember to search these sites together and discuss which each other which costumes you consider suitable extensions of your fantasies. Talking about the costumes will help you both to express any inner feelings and desires which you previously may not have been able to do.

Follow these simple steps and there is every opportunity that there will be sexy costumes selected for wearing to your next Halloween party and possibly some that my never make it past the bedroom door! Happy costume selecting…

Karnival-House has a fantastic range of flirty Halloween fancy dress costumes at Karnival Costumes also has extensive ranges of traditional and new style Halloween fancy dress costumes as well as a huge range of sexy costume accessories at

About the Author
Keith Sinclair has over 35 years of business experience and in addition to being a part time University Lecturer on Business Studies, he is CEO of Cavalcade; a group of companies operating in the party sector. Cavalcade operates Karnival-House one of the UK's leading internet Fancy Dress Retailers. With massive stocks for immediate dispatch and an ever expanding range, Karnival-House continues to strive simply to offer outstanding service combined with outstanding value.

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