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Plus Size Christmas 2007 - Wardrobe Essentials For A Party Goer

by Janice Wee
With Christmas season around the corner, what should you get so that you will have something to wear for every party without going broke?

Imagine walking into a room dressed to kill, only to find another woman in the room in the exact same outfit you are wearing. Kind of spoils the party mood, doesn't it? How do you avoid embarrassing moments like these? Well, you could always bring along a sweater or another dress you can change to so that you can modify your look if necessary.

Another way is to put together a unique outfit from hard to find pieces that others are unlikely to be wearing.

Vintage Is In
Go through your grandmother's chest to find some gorgeous dresses that are still in perfect condition. Have those laundered carefully so you can wear them during the party season. You won't have to worry about bumping into someone else at the party in the exact same outfit as yours.

The tricky bit about wearing vintage is that you might end up looking old fashioned. Liven up a vintage dress with angora sweaters or mohair sweaters from this season's collection.

Mix Old With New
Wear your great grandmother's jewelry or ornate belts with this season's wool dresses. Update a vintage piece with new accessories that are very today. Large cuff bracelets are very now and give pizzazz to that little black dress. By mixing old and new, you create a brand new look that is uniquely yours this holiday season.

Finally, get a stunning italian handbag from an upcoming Italian designer few people might have heard of yet. They might go for Gucci and Fendi and carry bags that someone else in the room might have. Yours is equally gorgeous, but unique.

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