Dress to Impress for Under $300 – Part 1

By on April 14, 2011
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Curve Flattering Outfits from the Plus Size Fashion Experts

Making sure the closet is well stocked up with the season’s latest essential items is a top priority for fashion conscious women. In order to look stylish, and keep up to date with the latest curve flattering styles, full figured women shop around for the latest tops, dresses and accessories. Although it is important to keep up to date, this can sometimes prove to be a needlessly expensive exercise.

How many times have you purchased something, a new top in the latest color for instance, which you have never worn? Have you ever come across a real bargain, which you just had to have, and yet that bargain is still hanging right there in your closet with the tags still neatly attached? I sure have!

Being stylish and keeping up to date with the latest fashion trends should not be an expensive and fruitless experience. It isn’t… if done the right way! What it takes is some training. You need to identify the essential items you need every season: key items which you can use to mix, match and create a lot of different curvy flattering outfits. Furthermore, being stylish need not be an expensive thing to do! We guarantee you can stock up on essential items every season, to create different stylish looks for yourself, for less that $300!

But don’t just take our word for it. The plus size industry’s fashion experts know this is possible, and in this article they are revealing it all! They will show you how to create winning outfits, costing less that $300.

In the next few pages, of this 7 part series, leading plus size fashion experts give you their suggestions on what to buy, to create stylish and figure flattering outfits, for less than $300.

    1. First off we have Christina Kwon, Missphit designer, who walks us through creating a trendy plus size summer look.
    2. Nancy Baum, from Cherished-Woman.com, gives us her suggestions by pointing out key items from her collections, as well as revealing a ‘secret’ design technique which every plus size woman should know about.
    3. Woman Within spokeswoman, Christine Alt, shares her expertise by providing some fashion tips for the curvy figure, along with pointing out a key outfit.
    4. Ozlem Arpaci, from IGIGI, goes a step further and identifies key plus size clothing pieces targeted specifically to different body shapes.
    5. Kiyonna’s Vanessa Astran highlights the store’s winning pants, top and dresses for the season.
    6. Finally Jessica and Carrie, from SKORCH Magazine, point out two figure flattering ensembles.

      So learn how to dress to impress, the way the experts do! Move on to the first part of the series… Missphit’s magical plus size formula.

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