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5 Steps to Looking Great in Yellow: Plus Size Clothing Tips

Itís one of the hottest colors of the season and, unfortunately, one of the most difficult to wear. Yellow is popping up on the catwalk and taking the world of fashion by storm with its upbeat, sunny image. Youíll surely see more of this popular color as we move into the warmer months. The vivid shade of yellow thatís so popular this year tends to look best on people with dark hair and deeper skin tones as well as those with blue eyes since yellow shades accentuate shades of blue and purple. If you have yellow undertones to your skin, yellow can be unflattering if you donít choose the right shade. If you want to give yellow a try, here are some tips on how to wear it:

Step 1: Choose the Right Shade
Even though you may not be able to wear the current sunny shade of yellow thatís so popular, thereís probably a shade of yellow that will flatter you. If you have dark hair and skin, you may be able to carry off the vivid yellows with panache. If your hair is blonde, opt for a softer, more muted shade of yellow. Redheads can wear yellows with red undertones such as gold and honey yellow tones. To determine which yellow shade is most appropriate for your hair and skin tone, visit a fabric store and experiment with different shades of yellow fabric by holding them up to your face. This can be a fun and enlightening experience.

Step 2: Wear Yellow Accessories
If you canít find a shade of yellow youíre comfortable with as an outfit but you still want to take part in the yellow trend, try incorporating a splash of yellow by adding a yellow handbag or yellow shoes. Wear your yellow shoes with a dark color such as black or navy blue for a fresh look that will still flatter your skin and hair. Yellow accessories can give your wardrobe a fresh, upbeat look without overpowering you with color.

Step 3: Wear a Yellow Print
If yellow tends to be unflattering on you, try choosing an eye catching print that has yellow mixed with colors that are more flattering to your hair and skin. Prints are big news for spring 2008 which means you should be able to find one thatíll work well for you. Be sure to choose a print that will coordinate with some of the wardrobe items you already have.

Step 4: Wear it with Another More Flattering Color
Even if you canít wear stand alone yellow, it may be flattering if you pair it with an item in a more flattering shade. How about pairing a yellow silk shell with a navy pantsuit to give it a fresh update for spring?

Step 5: Show it Off with a Tan
If youíve just returned from the beach and you have a natural tan, yellow may flatter your new darker skin tone. Now might be the time to get that yellow blouse from the back of your closet that you were never able to wear and give it a try. A yellow bathing suit is also quite attractive when worn against sun kissed skin.

As you can see, yellow is a color that can be worn by almost anyone if worn in smaller doses. Why not give this upbeat, trendy color a try?

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